James Bond's greatest gadgets – myth and reality

Gadget – Jet PackFilm – Thunderball Bond – ConneryThe myth – Having offed Colonel Bouvar, Bond makes like its the 21st century

Gadget – Jet Pack

Film – Thunderball

Bond – Connery

The myth – Having offed Colonel Bouvar, Bond makes like its the 21st century and escapes by firing up his jet pack. Classic.

The reality – Sadly not a day–to–day means of transport in noughties Britain, Jet Packs remain a niche toy for lunatics and men who think dabbling with death is funny. Jetpack International flogs one for $200,000 including training.

Gadget – Rolex Submariner

Film – Live and Let Die

Bond – Moore

The myth – Bond slides this Rolex on and uses the in–built electromagnet to tease down the dress of a super–hot Italian female agent.

The reality – To the chagrin of sex pests everywhere, this watch doesn't actually pack an electromagnet. Still, octogenarian ladies man Roger Moore still says it's the best gadget he ever used as Bond.

Gadget – Riddle Marine Jet Boat

Film – The World Is Not Enough

Bond – Brosnan

The myth – After a woman of undetermined Central Asian origin blasts a whole in the side of MI6 HQ from her Thames vantage point, Bond takes off in pursuit using Q's new fishing boat. Front–mounted automatic weapons come as standard.

The reality – Riddle Marine knocks together real life jet boats. They start at $26k. Let's face it, it's better than a Sony Ericsson C902 with naff Bond extras. And at least you can hassle tourist boats on the Thames, eh?

Gadget – Lotus Esprit S1

Film – The Spy Who Loved Me

Bond – Moore

The myth – Moore's greatest motor heads off to the ultimate underwater bad guy lair using the Lotus as a sub. Arguably the greatest Bond scene ever.

The reality – Rinspeed's underwater car means you can make like Bond, but the lack of fold up wheels, cheeky one liners and Barbara Bach's faux surprise at your motor taking a submarine detour mean it just ain't worth the hassle.

Gadget – Philips Keychain

Film – The Living Daylights

Bond – Dalton

The myth – JB's keychain packs in a capsule of stun gas that can be activated by whistling Rule Britannia. Perfect for annihilating US generals who think defecting to the Evil Empire is big and/or clever.

The reality – Keychain's and capsules like this just can't be found chaps and we really wouldn't advise trying to get tear gas canisters to replicate the fun. Best avoided.

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