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My Gadget Life – Sir Roger Moore

My favourite gadget from my time as Bond? Probably the magnetic watch!

My favourite gadget from my time as Bond? Probably the magnetic watch

I unzipped a dress worn by Madeline Smith, who played Miss Carrusso, with it in Live and Let Die. That was obviously my favourite gadget. I think a better gadget was what the special effects man had in his hand when he had it up her skirt, pulling the zip from the inside.

The 2CV was my favourite Bond car

That was great fun because it wasn’t an obvious Bond vehicle and it was great to drive. I enjoyed the Lotus too, except getting in and out of it. And apart from that they only offered me ten per cent  off when I wanted to buy one. But I never got to drive an Aston Martin, although I drove one in The Persuaders series. I would have liked to, but there was no talk of me getting one. I drove a fire engine and boats, but no Aston.

What one piece of tech would make my life easier? Dear oh, dear, I’m not sure

If I tell you an invention for your magazine, somebody’s going to  pick it up and take away my royalties. Anyway, a gadget for whacking cars out of the way  when they drive very badly in front of you would do. I guess you could have a speaker mounted on the front shouting ‘get out of the way’. And something to tell people about picking their nose and using mobile phones at traffic lights. All incorporated into a Bond car perhaps. Instead of shooting them, you just splat the whole car with green slime.

The Spy Who Loved Me was the favourite of my Bond films

It brought Jaws to life. The opening shot, the ski–jump, was brilliant. A fellow called Richard Sylvester did that jump and it was a very brave thing to do. They spent weeks waiting up there until the wind was right. When he did, the one thing they hadn’t taken into account was the skis. They were freefalling and you actually see them clip the edge of the parachute. If it had gone another two feet, it would have been curtains. We would have not have had that opening scene.

I’m looking forward to Quantum of Solace

I shall watch it on DVD because I couldn’t make the premier. Undoubtedly I will have to buy it though. I’ll have a word with Barbara Broccolli, maybe she’ll be able to give me a cut price.

Dr No, Die Another Day, From Russia With Love, For Your Eyes Only, Live and Let Die and Thunderball are all available on Blu-ray on 20 October from MGM & Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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