Bond's Sony Ericsson C902 gets detailed

Sony's doing a fine line in product placement in the forthcoming Bond flick. Now, as we already know, Bond's phone will be the rather tasty Sony Erics

As well as a titanium bod', SE says it'll pack in tons of 'Bond–inspired content.' That means finger–print recognition, an X–Ray scanner and in–built games. Oh and did we mention the 'gun–barrel wallpaper'?

Seeing as most of us became tiresomely obsessed with gadgets thanks to James Bond's predilection for bizarre tech wizardry (magnetic watch anyone?), we reckon it's be rude not to get one.

It's available now from O2 stores. Grab it and then look out for a lingering shot of your phone distracting from the action in Quantum of Solace from 31 October.

For more Bond goodies, check out the latest issue of Stuff, in stores now.


Titanium Sony Ericsson C902

Price: From £Free on contract

On sale: Now

Contact: O2