iPod Touch roams free with 3's MiFi

Everyone knows the iPod touch is just an iPhone without the phone. But, while it's as at home on a Wi-Fi hotspot as its pricier Apple cousin, it's soo

Not so with 3's MiFi - a portable wireless router welded to one of 3's mobile broadband modems. The result is a tiny hotspot that'll act as a go between for 3's 3G network and the touch's built-in wireless. Cunning.

3's offering the two bundled together on contract so you can pick up a MiFi modem and an 8GB iPod touch for £23 a month over two years, complete a 5GB data allowance - or 72 hours of browsing, 800 songs and 400 applications as 3 puts it.

That's only, er, £11.26 a month cheaper than a two-year iPhone 3G contract with unlimited data, but we digress.

If you've already got yourself a Touch, you can still grab a MiFi on PAYG for £49.99 plus £20 for 3GB of data to use over three months. Just remember to pronounce it "My" Fi when you go into the shop or you'll end up walking out with a cutesy white rabbit. Hello, Miffy...