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Future Belkin products might feature true wireless charging

Wireless power... no cables attached. Wi-Charge technology could mean big things for Belkin

When you think of charging your devices, wireless charging still seems relatively new. Everyone still has nightmares about remembers plugging an actual cable (gasp) into a charging port, and many devices still require one. But Belkin is about to take the next step in true wireless charging: sending power through the air.

In a partnership with Wi-Charge, Belkin is currently working on integrating long-range wireless tech into future charging products. While it still sounds like science-fiction, the technology is real, and may be closer than you think,

How would Wi-Charge and Belkin’s true wireless charging work?

Wi-Charge’s technology works using one transmitter plugged into an outlet, which wirelessly transmits power to multiple receivers. It can send these beams within a distance of 40-feet. You can think of it like your broadband router, that pings out the Wi-Fi signal to your wireless devices. In Wi-Charge’s case, it’s power rather than Wi-Fi.

By transmitting power directly between the devices with a targeted IR beam, Wi-Charge can avoid beaming off power willy-nilly. Without this, your room could become akin to a microwave with beams of power, so it’s probably best to avoid this. The company clarified that it’s technology transmits up to 1W of power from a transmitter. What’s more, 100% of the power transmitted gets received at the other end.

While 1W of power doesn’t sound like much, it’s perfect for the less power-hungry gadgets in your house. Think TV remotes that would otherwise require batteries, smart locks on your doors, or an electric toothbrush you only charge every so often. In fact, Wi-Charge is keen to get the technology into bathrooms in particular, reducing the need for cables. As it stands, 1W of power won’t charge your phone quickly (hence the focus on smaller applications for now). But that’s certainly where we’re headed in the future.

Neither Belkin nor Wi-Charge have been able to disclose much (well, anything) about the charging manufacturer’s upcoming product. As it stands, the partnership is for a particular product that’ll be launching soon. Although, we imagine Belkin might utilise the futuristic tech in future products if it proves successful.

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