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Fully Charged: Google drops ‘Don’t Be Evil,’ and Lego’s Doctor Who Tardis is nearly here

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Google ditches ‘Evil’ mantra

As of Friday, Google is now a subsidiary of Alphabet, a new parent company that’ll oversee other endeavors beyond Google’s core web-related focuses. And one of Google’s best-known attributes, the core mantra "Don’t Be Evil," is no longer a part of the new company’s code of conduct.

That’s not to say that Google plans on changing course now and becoming a villainous corporation. Instead, Alphabet’s code of conduct says that employees "should do the right thing – follow the law, act honorably, and treat each other with respect." It’s a similar message, but with less of the upstart panache that marked Google in its earlier days. Then again, it’s not quite the same Google anymore.

[Source: Alphabet via The Verge]

Lego Doctor Who Tardis out soon

Lego Doctor Who Tardis out soon

Doctor Who was one of the fan-voted winners of the Lego Ideas campaign, but it had been some time since we heard anything about the arrival of the licensed plastic brick sets – even as the Lego Dimensions toys-to-life video game announced its own Doctor Who sets.

But a new update to the Lego page on Facebook shows artwork for a Tardis set with the caption, "Landing soon." That’s reassuring, and although we don’t know exactly how soon, note that the Doctor Who Level Pack for Lego Dimensions is due out on 6 November in the UK (and 3 November in the States), so don’t be surprised if it falls right around then.

[Source: Facebook via io9]

Trackmania Turbo delayed

Bad news, arcade racing fans: if you’ve been looking forward to playing Ubisoft’s Trackmania Turbo next month, you’ll have to wait a while: the publisher announced that the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 game won’t ship until sometime early next year instead.

According to Ubisoft, player feedback so far has shown that the game needs extra time, and developer Nadeo will use that time to improve the campaign, user interface, and multiplayer modes. And a new mode is being created that’ll let friends challenge each other on user-created tracks, which should add some extra depth to the wild racing experience.

[Source: Ubisoft]

Disney turns colouring into cartoons

Disney’s Research arm is always poking into new technologies to improve the company’s various creations, and from time to time, it shares those working results before they’re ever put into consumer use. Here’s one of those instances: Disney has created an app that creates a 3D character from colouring book pages in real time.

No word on whether this will even be used in a publicly released app, but it’s a very cool concept all the same. Watch the video above for a quick walkthrough of the technology.

[Source: Disney via Engadget]

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