This DeLorean taxi will get you where you're going on time

Turning an 80s supercar into a New York taxi for a watch brand? Great Scott!

Can't face getting stuck in the rush hour traffic? How about a taxi that gets you to your destination before you set off?

Okay, this DeLorean taxi, based on the time machine from Back to the Future, doesn't actually have the flux capacitor neccessary to take you back in time – and good luck getting up to 88mph in the crowded streets of New York. But it does looks very cool indeed.

Sadly, it's only a concept design, created by artist Mike Lubrano as a promo piece for watch brand Nooka (it's a time machine, get it?). Still, we can't help but hope that someone takes up the idea and runs with it. Even if it only seats one passenger.

If a DeLorean taxi seems a bit impractical, there are plenty of real life DeLorean goodies out there for fans of the iconic car – check out this DeLorean watch, DeLorean bicycle, DeLorean EV and real flying (miniature) DeLorean.

[Michael Lubrano via iO9]

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