Best Cyber Monday 2019 smartphone deals

Here are the best Cyber Monday 2019 smartphone deals, as many retailers have extended their Black Friday specials!

Cyber Monday is here and while many people think of it as the lesser sale compared to Black Friday, retailers don't agree...

They've extended pretty much all of their best deals from the big day through to Cyber Monday, which means if you've had to wait until payday to actually have money in your account (shout-out to anyone with ridiculous rent prices to pay), then you haven't missed out!

Don’t just go out and pick up any random slab of OLED and glass with more cameras than the M25. We’ve put together a list of the best bargain blowers that can be found - and there are some real stonkers to be found if you know where to look.

Sony Xperia 5 (PS4 + FIFA 20 Bundle included)

There's a lot to love about Sony's Xperia 5. The gorgeous OLED display upfront (at 21:9 aspect ratio for perfect cinematic viewing), the triple camera setup around the back and the speedy performance. But one thing that makes this 5-star phone better? You can buy it now and get a PS4 with FIFA 20 included... Yes you read that right!

Plus with this deal, you actually get unlimited data (perfect for those who binge a lot).

  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • PS4 + FIFA 20 included

Total cost of ownership: £873

Get yours here for £36 a month with just £9 upfront cost.


iPhone XR (Free Nintendo Switch)

As new generations of iPhone come out, the previous gen get so much cheaper. And really, these are still more than good enough for anyone on the lookout for a new blower! We loved the XR during our review, and through fonehouse, you can get one with a whopping 100GB data and a cheap price. Oh, and did we mention you get a FREE NINTENDO SWITCH with it as well!?

  • 100GB data
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Free Nintendo Switch

Total cost of ownership: £1104

Get yours here for £46 a month with zero upfront cost.


And if you want it SIM FREE, thanks to giffgaff's Black Friday sale, you can get it for £70 off!

Was £619 | Now £549

Get yours here from giffgaff

OnePlus 7 Pro (£100 off phone + earphones)

Chances are you've seen our review of the OnePlus 7 Pro... So you know we absolutely love it! In fact, I type this deal piece with this very phone buzzing off the table with group chat notifications! Super fast performance, from the processor to the 90Hz display, and the unmistakably premium design (along with that triple camera array). All of it leads to a phone every gadget geek will be very happy to own! Now, you can get £100 off the handset and get a pair of wireless in-ear earphones with it too.

Was £668 | now £599 (£69 off total bundle price)

Get yours here from John Lewis.

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom (£240 off)

From that insanely cool shark fin selfie camera, to the gorgeous bezel-less display, fast performance and great battery. Oppo's Reno 10x Zoom just oozes cool! And now, you can get one for 34% off the price.

Was £699 | Now £459

Get yours from Amazon.

Sony Xperia 1 (save £200)

We're so glad to see this five-star phone on sale! It's 4K HDR OLED display at 21:9 aspect ratio makes it perfect for on-the-go binge watchers, and the camera on the back is a great shooter for everyone. Plus now, you can save a whopping 200 quid for Black Friday.

Was £849 | Now £649

Buy from here.

Samsung Galaxy S10 (£150 off)

Or if you'd prefer to buy the S10 SIM Free, we've got you covered there too. You can save £150 off the price of Samsung's flagship - great for those who already have a belter of a SIM only contract and want some amazing hardware to match.

Buy now from

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Double data at just £37 a month)

Who doesn't love a massive screen on their phone? Samsung clearly know the answer to that question with their beasty Note 10. The gorgeous 6.3-inch Infinity-O display is great for consuming all that content. Plus that S-Pen is next level for productivity. Normally, a phone this new costs an arm and a leg, but now it's quite the steal.

  • 60GB data
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Access to O2 Priority

Total cost of ownership: £1063

Get yours here from for just £37 a month with £175 upfront cost.

Honor 20 Pro (save £100)

Honor's tech-packed 20 Pro is an absolute beast - and at this price it’s even more tempting. It’s also far from a one-trick pony, with a shapely design, gorgeous 6.3in edge-to-edge screen, supercharged AI-assisted internals, an impressive battery life and that belter of a 48MP camera. If the circa £1000 asking prices of 2018’s latest flagships has put you off but you don’t want to compromise on specs, you can do a lot worse than a P20 Pro.

Was £549 | Now £449

Buy from here

Huawei P30 Pro (save £150)

It seems like Huawei has come from out of nowhere over the past few years, quickly becoming one of the stand out brands for gadget nerds everywhere! The P30 Pro brings plenty of power to the table, all crammed into that bonkers pearlescent body that really stands out. The camera array produces some stunning shots and the beasty 4,200 mAh battery keeps things running all day.

Was £799 | Now £649

Buy from here

Google Pixel 3A (£70 off)

When it comes to the mid-range of phones, there's a lot to love about Google's Pixel 3A. The purest form of Android, a simple and impressively premium design, and arguably one of the best phone cameras available (Night Sight is mind-blowing). To already get this at under £400 is crazy, but now, a further £70 has been knocked off the price!

Buy yours now from Currys PC World.