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Best PS5 headset 2024: reviewed and rated

Looking to lose yourself in gaming? We've picked out all the best PS5 headsets to provide an exciting experience


Thanks to the PlayStation 5 being compatible with almost all of the best gaming headsets, you can easily pick any and still be happy with your acquisition. However, to benefit from some key features such as Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, there are some headsets that will perform better than others. Much like when picking out a PC headset for its software features, it simply makes sense to pick one of the best PS5 headsets that are designed with the console in mind.

You’re still looking for roughly the same features – great sound, a comfy fit, good battery life it’s a wireless headset, and a decent microphone for talking to friends. It’s just this time around, it’s PS5-flavoured. To help you figure out what’s best for you (and your bank balance), we’ve picked out ten of the best PS5 headsets. Each will help you feel more drawn into the game you’re playing and maybe even help you hear an enemy coming faster.

The best PS5 headsets quick list:

Best PS5 headset overall

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (buy now), expensive it may be, is an ideal investment to go alongside your pricey console. It’s well-designed thanks to including two batteries so you can always leave one plugged in to charge while using the other. That means 44 hours of battery life in all with its base station looking rather stylish next to your setup. Sound quality is near perfect with well-balanced frequencies and spatial audio ensuring you never miss a thing.

Best PS5 exclusive headset

The Sony PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset (buy now) matches your PS5’s aesthetic perfectly, the Sony PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset offers a rich soundstage that draws you into whatever you play. After all, it’s Sony’s official headset for the console and the company knows how to make good headphones. It’s also very comfy while looking cool too. The only issue here is that its built-in microphone isn’t great but this is a near flawless headset for single-player gaming, and at a fantastic price.

Best cheap PS5 headset

The Razer Kaira X for PlayStation (buy now) proves you really don’t have to spend a lot to gain a good pair of cans, the Razer Kaira X is awkwardly named yet worth every penny. It’s a wired headset hence the lower price but you get great bass and crisp trebles and highs. You’ll still hear where any foe is coming from along with any atmospheric sounds. While not everyone will like the cables involved, it’s a braided cord that means it won’t fall apart easily.

The best PS5 headsets you can buy today:

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

1. SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

Stuff Verdict

An expensive but wise investment, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless sounds fantastic with spatial audio only the the tip of the iceberg here.


  • Excellent, detailed audio
  • Long battery life


  • ANC could be better
  • Physical controls a tad confusing
SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless specs
Driver size40mm
Battery lifeUp to 44 hours

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is going to look good next to your PS5. It comes with a base station and an extra battery so you get 44 hours in all as long as you always remember to keep one battery on charge. There’s that sense of professionalism that means the price tag feels more reasonable than it probably is.

Alongside that, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless sound great with powerful drivers ensuring you get strong bass while also enjoying beautifully crisp mids and trebles.

Support for Tempest 3D audio draws you in well while there’s active noise cancellation to help you block out any other surrounding noises while you play. If you happen to play other consoles, multi-system connect support and a choice of either Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz wireless give you plenty of functionality making this better value than you might think at first glance.

Sony PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset

2. Sony PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset

Stuff Verdict

Matching the aesthetic of your console perfectly, the Sony PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is an ideal, easy to use headset at a very good price.


  • Good stereo sound
  • Great mic quality


  • Battery life isn’t the best
  • Plastic build
Sony PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset specs
Driver size40mm
Battery lifeUp to 12 hours

Sony was wise to make a headset designed with the PS5 in mind. It sold well at launch given the excitement over PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech and since then, we’ve seen a lot more games support it. While the Sony PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset is far from the only headset that can showcase it, it’s incredibly simple to use and effective. Setup takes moments with minimal buttons to match the style and attitude.

There’s a hidden dual-microphone system which doesn’t work as well as a more obvious approach so this is best for single-player gaming, but it really wraps you up in whatever you play. Battery life is a tad on the low side, but we’ll forgive it given its very keen price. This is a headset designed for anyone who wants no hassle and simply wants to stick them on and enjoy.

Razer Kaira X for PlayStation

3. Razer Kaira X for PlayStation

Stuff Verdict

Affordable yet with all the essentials, you can live with the Razer Kaira X being a little hot at this price.


  • Very comfortable
  • Works with all platforms


  • Can’t remove mic
  • Bass a little on the heavy side
Razer Kaira X for PlayStation specs
Driver size50mm
Battery lifeN/A

Another well-priced headset if you don’t mind dealing with it being wired, the Razer Kaira X still looks pretty smart. A braided cord always looks fancier than a regular, easily twisted cable, with a right-angle connection that adds to the convenience. It’s a comfortable fit on anyone’s head too if you don’t mind that its ear cups get a little on the hot side.

Perhaps most importantly, this is an excellent-sounding gaming headset. Bass is rich and strong with a wide soundstage ensuring you can hear things from all the right directions. Annoyingly, there’s no way to move the mic. Not even flip it out of the way but that’s where the cheaper price comes into play. At least said mic sounds good, using the same technology as you see on pricier Razer headsets so you’ll always be heard clearly.

Sony Inzone H3

4. Sony Inzone H3

Stuff Verdict

The best official wired headset you could buy, the Sony Inzone H3 is an extra comfy example of the type.


  • Excellent spacial audio
  • Clear mic


  • Default sound profile is a little flat
  • No physical controls
Sony Inzone H3 specs
Driver size40mm
Battery lifeN/A

If you want an official gaming headset but you’d prefer wires, the Sony Inzone H3 is a good bet. It’s incredibly comfy even if its materials are synthetic. Its stylings are well suited for your head with the only issue being that its wired cable gets in the way a little. A choice of either 3.5mm or USB connections is helpful but bear in mind that the latter gets pretty long. The headset uses 360 Spatial Sound so you can easily hear your surroundings with the bass line particularly strong.

The microphone is pretty crisp too, although a little weak when it comes to noise cancellation if you happen to be gaming in a busy environment. There’s a certain amount of getting what you pay for here, but overlook the issues and the Sony Inzone H3 has a nice style to it while also sounding good. It even has compatibility for other devices which is a pleasant surprise.

Corsair HS65

5. Corsair HS65

Stuff Verdict

Looking unassuming pays off for the Corsair HS65 that sound super sharp despite their age


  • Sounds great
  • Very affordable


  • Uninspired design
Corsair HS65 specs
Driver size50mm
Battery lifeN/A

The Corsair HS65 look robust and sturdy yet…a little uninspiring? Fortunately, it’s worth picking up a pair because they sound great. Combined with Sony Tempest 3D audio, you’ll lose yourself to whatever you’re playing. A monster lurking in the background or the footsteps of Mr X in Resident Evil 2 have never sounded so alarming at this price.

While there are even more options available for PC players, out of the box, PlayStation 5 players will still love what’s here. Useful extras like a super comfy design with earcups that cocoon your ears, along with a flip-to-mute mic make these a pair of cans you’re liable to reach for often. The mic is crisp enough for team play while you’ll also be comfortable wearing this headset for any work calls too. Pay a little more and you can enjoy a wireless version, but you get equal performance whichever you choose.

JBL Quantum 400 Wired Headset

6. JBL Quantum 400 Wired Headset

Stuff Verdict

Best for single player gaming, the JBL Quantum 400 offers better sound quality than you’d expect for the price.


  • Spatial audio works well
  • Comfortable memory foam


  • Mic isn’t detachable
  • Lighting is a little garish
JBL Quantum 400 Wired Headset specs
Driver size50mm
Battery lifeN/A

For the price, the JBL Quantum 400 probably shouldn’t sound as good as it does. It’s wired which won’t suit everyone but that means it’s compatible with mostly everything including your PS5. Comfortable with memory foam ear cups and a headband that never traps your head, it includes controls that are easily adjusted without any fuss.

When playing games, you’ll be able to hear what’s going on and from what direction too. A Fortnite session goes as well as wandering the lands within Skyrim with environmental sounds and gunfire sounding just as vibrant as you need them to be. There’s little noise isolation here and the microphone is fine if nothing remarkable but that’s hardly surprising at this price.

For a headset that’s ideal for gaming away from others and potentially mostly when playing solo, there’s a lot to like here at a very affordable price.

Razer Barracuda X

7. Razer Barracuda X

Stuff Verdict

A decent all-rounder, the Razer Barracuda X may not offer the greatest of sound but they cover all the other bases.


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life


  • Distortion at louder volumes
  • No AAC or aptX
Razer Barracuda X specs
Driver size40mm
Battery lifeUp to 50 hours

Promising up to 50 hours of battery life is an excellent starting point for the Razer Barracuda X. Granted, it’s more likely to offer just over half that number but we’d be surprised and impressed if you manage a 24-hour gaming session. It has a ridiculous name too, of course, but we’ll look past that when it has good functionality. You can connect to two devices at once which is always a good bonus as you likely have more than just a PS5.

It’s good to wear too, with a thick yet satisfyingly comfortable headband and memory foam ear cushions that really should be standard across the board (if you don’t mind warm ears). There are minor issues when you crank up the volume too high with sound getting a little distorted at the higher volumes but that’s less of an issue when gaming compared to if we were looking at a pair of headphones.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX

8. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX

Stuff Verdict

Superhuman Hearing mode can be divisive but everything else about the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX is simply solid.


  • Quality materials
  • Multi-device use
  • Comfortable


  • Switching audio can be tricky
Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX specs
Driver size50mm
Battery lifeUp to 40 hours

If you need a headset that works well across multiple devices, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX is a good solution. It pairs via Bluetooth as needed but also comes with a USB transmitter for other devices. For the PS5, it brings with it some super crisp-sounding audio.

There’s a dedicated Superhuman Heating button on the headset which compresses in-game noises so that subtle noises like footsteps can sound as loud as gunfire. It’s overwhelming in some instances and we wouldn’t recommend it for anything that’s meant to be calming but for the advantage in Fortnite, Apex Legends and so forth, it can help once you acclimatise.

There’s a flip-down mic too that means you’ll sound clear to your teammates while 40 hours of battery life is more than good enough, even if it isn’t the longest out there. Throw in a comfy build and there’s little to complain about, assuming you can adjust to the extra powerful sound.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

9. HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

Stuff Verdict

With ludicrous battery life under its belt, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless also sounds great.


  • Outstanding battery life
  • Detachable mic


  • No Bluetooth or wired option
HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless specs
Driver size50mm
Battery lifeUp to 300 hours

Other headsets sound impressive when they mention 50-60 hours of battery life. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless blows that out of the water with 300 hours. That’s not just hype either as it does achieve that figure most of the time. Firmly in ‘misplacing charging cable’ territory, it’s a huge selling point.

Other useful extras include a detachable mic that comes with a LED status indicator so you always know when you can be heard. It’s comfortable too with a mixture of leatherette and memory foam that’s familiar and works well here. A reasonably tough aluminium frame means it can handle some rough use too if you’re that way inclined.

A wide soundstage means you can hear what’s coming from any direction with a fairly exaggerated but appropriate bass backing things up. There’s strong sound isolation as well if you happen to game in a noisy environment.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless

10. SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless

Stuff Verdict

Comfy, offering great sound, and above average battery life makes the SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ a reliable option.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Good battery life


  • On the heavy side
  • Noise cancelling only so-so
SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless specs
Driver size40mm
BatteryUp to 30 hours

Designed with the PS5 in mind, the SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ is a good bet if you want straightforward decent quality. Games that take advantage of Tempest Audio sound great here with titles like Dead Space standing out for how well drawn into signs you’ll feel. Noise isolation isn’t the best but you get strong bass, crisp mids, and all you could want while listening to game soundtracks or waiting for a footstep or two.

Alongside that is a reliable microphone that can be easily twisted to your needs. There’s also great battery life. The official time is around 30 hours but we can generally get more out of them. When you do need to charge, USB-C support means 15 minutes gives you a few hours so you’re generally not far from an intimate gaming session. They’re comfy too albeit a little heavy for smaller heads. Still, if you can afford it, you can’t really go wrong here.

Forza wired headset

11. Trust GXT 498 Forta PS5 Wired Gaming Headset

Stuff Verdict

A comfy headset with the Playstation seal of approval


  • Great price
  • Good audio and mic quality


  • Plastic fantastic
Trust GXT 498 Forta PS5 Wired Gaming Headset specs
Driver size50mm

If you’re looking for a cheap, cheerful over-ear gaming headset that has the official PlayStation seal of approval, you could do a lot worse than the Trust GXT 498 Forta wired headset. Built with 50mm drivers and 3D audio, the headset boosts in-game immersion at a relatively low price point. With a bendable microphone, a comfy fit and a design that matches the console itself, the GXT 498 Forta headset is a solid choice at a solid price.

How to choose the best PS5 headset for you

When choosing a headset for your PS5, you’ll have to consider a lot of the same things as when choosing the best gaming headset. The key difference is that you’ll need to make sure the headset is compatible with the PS5, either through a direct wireless connection, a 3.5mm audio jack, or a USB connection.

PS5 supports Tempest 3D AudioTech, so opting for a headset that can leverage this feature will enhance your gaming experience by providing immersive, surround sound. Look for headsets specifically marketed for the PS5, as they are likely to offer optimal compatibility and performance, including support for the console’s unique audio features.

Comfort and additional features are also crucial. Since your gaming sessions can be lengthy, a comfortable headset with adjustable headbands and cushioned ear cups is essential to prevent fatigue.

Features like a high-quality, noise-cancelling microphone for clear communication, durable build quality, and easy-to-use controls are important for convenience and longevity.

Wireless headsets can offer more freedom of movement, but ensure they have a good battery life – otherwise, you’ll be waiting for them to charge up all the time.

Additional features such as customisable sound profiles, on-ear volume controls, and compatibility with other devices can further enhance your overall gaming experience, as well as make the headset more useful in the long run.

Once you’ve got your headset sorted, next check out Stuff’s guide to the best PlayStation 5 games to play today.

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