Cure office boredom, pilot paper planes with the amazing PowerUp 3.0 flight controller

Folded wood pulp-based flying machines will never miss their mark nor crumple in vain again
Cure office boredom, pilot paper flights with the PowerUp 3.0

Attach the PowerUp 3.0 module to your carefully crafted paper plane, and connect to the app to commence aerial acrobatics.

Comprising of a crash-proof carbon fiber frame and bumper, the nifty module will offer you 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge and hours of entertainment. With a 55m range, you could be flying this across open fields (subject to wind conditions), but it will also do well within the office, barring your boss’ stifling presence.

When the engine sputters dry, charge it via micro-USB and you’ve got another 10 whole minutes of potentially landing that barrel roll. 

No more one direction

No more one direction

For something so simple, it has surprisingly sophisticated controls like battery and thrust level indicators, and even an artificial horizon to keep your plane from spinning out of control into the sunset.

Tilt your smartphone left or right, reduce throttle via the app’s dashboard and dive bomb your plane into an unsuspecting victim’s head. Or you could just up the throttle and have it swoop endlessly around someone’s head. Trust us, that incessant whirring reminiscent of an extremely determined mosquito will drive anyone insane.

For just US$30, you get a PowerUp 3.0 module and a spare propeller. If you’d like the full aviation experience, a Captain’s Kit complete with pilot hat and flight jacket is available for US$500. All this is on Kickstarter, mind you, so you'll have to wait a while until you can actually buy it. Until then, get perfecting your fold technique.

[Source: Kickstarter via Engadget]