Cool-er eBook reader lands in the UK

Move over Sony, there's a new eBook reader in town. Cool-er has finally landed in the UK, and with a number of different colours and a slimline design

Weighing it at 178g, the 1GB on-board memory packed into the Cool-er will hold up to 800 books, and can be expanded to 4GB using an external memory card.

Boasting a 6-inch screen, it is on par with the Kindle and Sony's Reader, and will stay charged for 8,000 page turns from a three hour full charge.

You'll be able to read books in 8 different languages, 6 different font sizes, and change to landscape view if you prefer.

As for choosing books for the Cool-er, there are 750,000 options to choose from on Cool-er's website, where you'll get 25% discount for owning the eBook reader.

Cool-er is also compatible with books downloaded from places such as Google and Waterstones, and you'll be able to share files up to 5 times among your mates.

You can pre-order the Cool-er now, with deliveries expected next week – choose from 8 different colours including black, silver, hot pink, green, blue, cool pink, purple or ruby. Happy reading folks.