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Clean up with £100 off Dyson’s V10 Total Clean vacuum this Black Friday

Suck up the savings

Dyson V10 Total Clean Black Friday deals

Hoping to suck up the sales prices on the latest cordless vacuum cleaners? Dyson’s V10 Total Clean won’t be able to let you know which deals suck, but it can clean your whole home with a60 minute run time. Plus, ahead of Black Friday, Dyson’s cleared £100 off the regular price.

Rather than the usual retail price of £420, Dyson is currently offering the V10 Total Clean for £320 with free next-day delivery when you order directly from the brand. Other retailers are knocking off some cash too, so you should find a price you’ll like wherever you do your shopping.

Packing detangling technology to tackle your pet’s stray hairs, Dyson’s V10 Total Clean is a rather tidy sucker for pet owners. It comes with 14 different cyclones to suck up all manner of particles, and boasts 20% more power than the older V8 model. You’ll also find a low-reach adapter, letting you clean under the furniture (yes, we all skip that). Topped off with click-in batteries, a washable filter, and easy bin access, this vacuum offers just about everything you need.

We gave the Dyson V10 Total Clean a run for its money back in 2019 when it launched. Scoring an impressive five stars out of five in our review, we praised this floor sucker for its suction power, long-lasting battery, and compatibility with accessories. One of our few complaints was the price.

But luckily, Dyson’s decided to polish up a shiny £100 off deal ahead of this year’s Black Friday weekend, saving you even more. Plus, the complimentary cleaning kit is extra icing on the cake. Grab the deal while you can.