5 smartphones the iPhone 5 needs to beat

Apple may be sitting on top of the smartphone heap, but the iPhone 5 has some very strong competition – we look at the best of the rest

While the thought of Windows Phone 8, a wireless charging pad and Nokia's beautifully stylish handsets is enough to have us salivating, it's the addition of that clever PureView camera technology that makes us weak at the knees.

Assuming the Lumia 920's recently leaked specs are correct, you won't be getting all 41MP like you get from the 808 PureView Symbian phone. Nonetheless, an 8MP sensor and image stabilisation combined with the clever oversampling technology (the bit that makes pictures much more detailed) should make happy-snappers very pleased indeed.

Apple really upped its game with the iPhone 4S when it came to photography, but it looks like Nokia's PureView tech will make the Lumia 920's camera the one to beat.

Nokia Lumia 920

What can we say that hasn't already been said? If you want an Android phone, there really isn't anything that can hold a candle to the Samsung Galaxy S3. It's incredibly fast, the display is fantastic and Android 4.0 runs like a dream.

Okay, some of the features are a bit gimmicky – Smart Stay and Samsung Voice, we're looking at you – but on raw power alone, the Galaxy S3 is a marvel. Somehow it manages to cram in a huge 4.8in screen into a pocketable package, with a quad core processor and a high quality camera. Sitting pretty atop Stuff's Top 10 Smartphones, the Galaxy S3 is the phone to beat.

Yet another Android treat and a Stuff favourite, the HTC One X might not pack quite as much power as Samsung Galaxy S3, but it's nearly as capable, thanks to a quad core processor, great photography capabilities and a beautifully clear display.

But what the iPhone 5 should worry most about isn't the specs; it's the eye-grabbing unibody case that feels and looks like a million pounds.

With Apple so reliant on aesthetics to peddle its wares, the new iPhone must raise the bar in this department while offering something fresh – only this time around HTC's flagship has raised the bar that much higher.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The original Samsung Galaxy Note sold like hot cakes, singlehandedly creating a market for devices that aren't sure if they are a tablet or smartphone – "phablets," if you must. Cue the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and its even larger 5.5in Super AMOLED display and a faster quad core 1.6Ghz processor.

Apart from making films easier to watch, emails easier to read and games easier on the eye, the Galaxy Note 2 also boasts Samsung's upgraded S-Pen stylus.

While the iPhone 5 may struggle to offer similar functionality with quite the same visual impact, let's not forget Apple may yet reveal a 7in iPad Mini. But until it does, those with massive hands will just have to stick with the Galaxy Note 2.

It has yet to be officially revealed – September 18th is the date set for a UK announcement – but the Motorola Edge, as it will probably be known, could be something of a wild card. It's expected to be the first phone to do away with the bezel (rest in peace), featuring an edge-to-edge display plus LTE connectivity.

Apart from giving you a bit more screen size in a smaller area, it's going to look incredibly cool, scoring you style points at the pub. Possibly. And with help from Intel in the processing arena, the Motorola Edge should give the iPhone 5 a run for its money. Bezels are so last year, right?

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