25 of the best sports gadgets

We present a truckload of the finest sweat-stained, adrenaline-pumping sporting technology on the planet

The world of sport and the world of technology have a long and interesting relationship, from Ancient Greeks chucking around discuses (disci?) to Michael Phelps wearing a space age swimsuit to effectively turn himself into a human dolphin. We've assembled some of the best sports-related tech in this list, so get off the sofa and jog while you read.


Nike+ FuelBand



Available only from London’s NikeTown flagship store, the Nike+ FuelBand is an accelerometer-based movement sensor that tracks all your exercise, translating it into “NikeFuel” that fills up a daily target counter, changing an LED meter from red to green as it does so. You can also measure steps, time and calories burned.

Leica Pinmaster II



Thought the German lens-meisters just made cameras? Think again: designed for the well-heeled golfer, the laser-toting Leica Pinmaster II tells you exactly how far it is to the pin/lake/bunker/club house bar. Capable of accurate measurements up to 825 yards, it features 7x magnification and a crystal clear LED display.

Lippi MusucBag Classic


Previously known as the Selk’bag, the MusucBag is basically a slanket for hard cases: slip it on and you’re basically walking around in a sleeping bag that’ll keep you comfortably snug in the coldest conditions. While couch potatoes are free to use it around the house, it comes into its own when camping by allowing you to get some shuteye almost anywhere.


From US$199.99 (£125)


A skateboard crossbred with a snowboard, the Freebord features extra centre wheels allowing it to be ridden in a perpendicular “stylee” as well as in regular fashion. You can carve, slide, slow down and stop wherever you like – the concept behind the Freebord is that you have more control and flexibility than a normal skateboard delivers.

GoPro HD Hero

From US$199.99 (£125)


The GoPro is the go-to sports camera for the sort of nutcases that love nothing more than jumping off cliffs, cycling down scree-covered slopes or rafting through rapids in a boat the size of a washing up bowl, the compact, near-unbreakable HD Hero captures 1080p footage using a wide angle lens and can be mounted on almost anything – bikes, helmets and surfboards included.