HTC might surprise you with the launch of its own tablet

After a three-year hiatus, the company’s apparently back into tablet making
HTC might surprise you with the launch of its own tablet

Going by the number of leaks about the HTC One (M9), we think it’s pretty much confirmed that the company will be showcasing the device at MWC 2015 in the coming weeks at Barcelona. But apparently, that’s not the only device it’s launching.

According to famous tipster, @upleaks, HTC might have a tablet on display at the trade show. This marks a key milestone in the company’s history, because HTC’s last tablet was unveiled three years ago.

The last solely HTC manufactured tablet was the Flyer, a 7in Android unit that came with a stylus named HTC Pen. Then, there was the Nexus 9 that it created in partnership with Google (it was launched sometime late last year).  

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But before you jump for joy, expecting a killer flagship unit, be warned that the source identified the tablet will be based on the HTC-made Google Nexus 9.

The purported tablet will apparently boast the same dimensions as the Google Nexus 9, meaning that it might be an 8.9in unit. However, there’s some reason to celebrate since its specs are said to be different from the latter. Unfortunately, no other information about the device, or spyshots for that matter, were leaked.

Also, another spirit damper alert – HTC won’t make this alleged tablet available this quarter even though it’s due for a showcase in the coming weeks. Oh well, we guess if it’s a spec-filled stunner, anyone would hold out for it however long it takes.

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[Source: HardwareZone