5 easy steps to clean your camera’s sensor

Whether you own a DSLR or mirrorless, here’s how to annihilate evil dust specks that mess up your photos

Interchangeable lens camera owners, be it a DSLR or mirrorless camera – you may have had the experience of uploading your photos onto your computer after a long day’s photoshoot, only to find infuriating dark spots on your well-framed Japanese food shot you spent hours on. And it’s not just on one photo, it’s on all your shots in the exact same position. 

The bad news is your camera sensor (or to be more precise, the filter on top of your camera’s sensor) attracts dust like bees to honey. Cleaning it is a whole different ballgame too. Sure, you can patch it up in post, but taking care of the problem now saves you from clone stamping someone's face covered in dark spots in future.

Don’t worry if you're afraid. Stuff will help breakdown what you can do to clean your sensor in five simple steps. 

Step 2: Use an air blower, and not your mouth

Ever seen those odd, rocket-shaped air blowers in camera stores? These are perfect for dislodging dust off your sensor, while simultaneously not sucking dust back into the blower. Again, try pointing your camera towards the floor when using the blower, or drag someone to hold the camera for you.

Oh, and never, ever, use compressed air in a can to blow dust off. There’s some fluid that might come flying out when the can is tilted. And don’t use your mouth as the saliva can be damaging to the sensor, no matter how much you brushed and flossed.