Miko 2 opens doors to hi-tech parenting and learning

An addiction parents can allow the kids to have…
08 April 2019 / 15:28IST

You can’t go wrong with an AI-enabled robot that comes with in-built intelligence and is capable of learning on-the-go as well. As your kids interact with this cute little robot more and more, it learns to respond and emote more effectively. Let it fill in for you at times you don’t want to read out a story aloud. Give your throat some rest while Miko does the job for you. Its large LCD screen will fit the kids and their background if you were to video call. No more hiding away the endless slime-making mania that goes on in your absence. The second generation of Miko, the Miko 2 has been launched at ₹24,999 and holds enough promise for you to let the kids spend more time with it. Future updates to the robot will equip it to help kids revise for a test from standard CBSE and ICSE syllabi. There are pre-fed commands to answer everyday questions kids my otherwise throw at you and its cute antics and in-built stories takes care of their entertainment as well without you fearing for their digital well-being. This independent device is usually hassle-free once synced with WiFi.

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