Integral Memory’s whopping 512GB microSD card is world first

There's a new king in town
24 January 2018 / 14:29IST

Do you like the sound of carrying half a terabyte’s worth of memory in a device not much larger than a single Shreddie? You do? Well then, allow us to introduce Integral Memory’s new 512GB microSD card - launching in February - which officially snatches the ‘biggest microSD card in the whole damn world’ title previously held by SanDisk’s 400GB offering. Maxing out at 80MB/s, it isn’t the speediest card you’ll find (hey, you can’t have it all), but stick one of these in a microSDXC-compatible smartphone or tablet (most Android devices are) and it will become near unfillable. The V10 seal of approval also means it’ll handle full HD video capture just fine. No word on price yet, but expect a sizeable dent on your bank balance.