My Gadget Life - Dale Steyn

We bowled a few questions to the Legendary South African cricketer and GoPro Athlete to find out what tech drives his game


I’m a GoPro athlete… and I’ve always been passionate about photography since I was little and found it to be a perfect tool to capture the moment. I prefer being independent so I don't have to ask someone to shoot pictures.

I use the GoPro to improve my gameplay and to have a little fun… I attach the GoPro on the wicket stumps using an attachment and use it to assess and analyse my runs and bowling technique. Apart from cricket it also comes in handy when I play with my dogs, go for trail runs and spend time fishing.

Your favourite GoPro is…. the GoPro Session because of its compact body and able to grapple and squeeze into just about anything. I attach it to my surfboard or hold it in my mouth using a mouthpiece. It doesn't hurt or fall out, I’m used to it now. It’s also great because I can dive down 8m deep. I haven't used the GoPro Fusion yet, but I can’t wait to check its 360° abilities.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram…. to see what’s happening with or around me. It helps to bridge the gap between me and my fans.

My daily driver… is the iPhone X and I use Apple Music to get my music streaming done whilst training or traveling. Although, I'm not a watch person, I do have a Garmin which helps me track usual activities like distance, heart rate, steps etc.

Breaking a GoPro was fun… because we were curious to know how strong it is. We tried bowling with it and nothing happened. I then attached it to a dummy and tried bowling on it, but it managed to survive and keep recording. You can watch the YouTube video here.

Flying Drones are awesome… I’ve been flying the GoPro Karma for a while and had a good time using it. The best part is you can attach a GoPro, shoot with it and take it out when you’re done. It serves as a multifunctional tool.

India is love… I’ve visited India six to seven times and have always gone back with quirky experiences. I love Bombay and I call it that, not Mumbai. I like the food and don’t have any fuss with the spices (used in Indian food).