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The Rode Dual Wireless ME doubles up on easy audio recording

Two-person recording for a whole lot less than other multi-mic wireless kit

Rode Dual Wireless ME hot stuff

Audio expert Rode already caters to individual creators needing clip-and-go wireless microphones, but the new Dual Wireless ME aims to bring two-person recording to a more affordable price point. This new dual transmitter version keeps the original Wireless ME’s simple feature set, and can even add the camera operator’s voice into the mix.

The Wireless ME has quickly become a common sight clipped to the collars of YouTube and TikTok creators. This new Dual model adds a second transmitter to take on rivals such as the DJI Mic 2, just at a much lower price point than Rode’s higher-end Wireless PRO. That should make it an easy pick for presenter duos or interviewers. The receiver unit also has its own microphone, meaning three different audio sources can be saved at once.

It’ll launch in black and white colours, giving creators the option to colour-match when wearing lighter clothing. That should be handy for shirt-wearing business presenters and wedding videographers.

Rode Dual Wireless ME white

Two (or three)-person recording aside, the feature set is all but identical to the single transmitter version. That means Rode’s bespoke Series IV 2.4GHz wireless connection, universal device compatibility, and configuration through the Rode Capture smartphone companion app. All the cables needed for camera or smartphones shooting are bundled in the box, and the system is pre-paired for easy first time use.

That does mean there’s no on-device recording, and no built-in display. You can’t record a second audio track at a lower gain level for safety, either, but the firm’s GainAssist tech is meant to automatically tweak levels on the fly for the clearest possible sound.

The Dual Wireless ME is launching later this Spring. It’ll retail for $199 in the US (around £160) – a reasonable $50 increase over the single-transmitter model.

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