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Vlogger-friendly DJI Mic 2 kills the noise and adds Bluetooth

And an idiot-proof design, longer battery life and 32-bit audio quality

Mic drop: vlogger-friendly DJI Mic 2 kills the noise and adds Bluetooth

DJI is known mainly for its camera gear like drones, gimbals and action cams, but the Chinese company has another product that’s proved a hit with content creators, vloggers and journalists: the DJI Mic, a tiny clip-on wireless microphone that gives video audio quality an instant lift. And it’s just been given a second coming in the form of the DJI Mic 2, looking outwardly very similar but adding a smattering of features and improvements to the original.

Top of the list when it comes to the DJI Mic 2’s new additions is a noise-cancelling mode. This cuts down on background chatter and babble while doubling down on clarifying voice audio. Having given it a try on a windswept beach and busy road, we can attest that this feature (apparently ‘AI-assisted’, for what it’s worth…) does a great job of keeping vocal sounds clear and isolated while reducing ambient noise, while the included ‘dead cat’ windscreen works well to dampen down blustery interference.

Also new is the ability to connect a transmitter directly to a device via Bluetooth, bypassing the receiver entirely and allowing you to truly travel light. The Mic 2 also adds a new 32-bit Float Recording mode, which increases the audio’s dynamic range (it’s usually 24-bit) at the cost of storage space, allowing for greater editing leeway in post-production. Each transmitter comes with 8GB of built-in storage, just like the original Mic, but their internal batteries have been slightly upgraded so that they now deliver up to 6 hours of recording on a full charge – and up to 18 when teamed up with the charging case mentioned below.

The wireless transmission range remains the same (up to 250m) and, as with the original, you can transport and charge two transmitters and a receiver in a very nifty pocket-sized charging case. There’s also space inside for Lightning and USB adapters, which slide into the back of the receiver and enable you to connect it directly to a phone or tablet.

From our short time with the DJI Mic 2, we’ve perhaps been most impressed by how easy it is to use. The receiver features a bright 1.1in OLED touchscreen and dial for changing settings, but comes paired with the transmitters out of the box, allowing you to immediately begin recording. The transmitters, meanwhile, have both a clip for quick attachment to lapels or collars and a strong magnet, and their simple physical controls allow for independent recording, easy Bluetooth pairing and simple switch on/off for the noise cancellation.

The DJI Mic 2 is available to order now from the DJI website and other retailers. Expect to pay around $349/£309/€349 for a bundle that includes two transmitters, one receiver and the charging case, or $219/£189/€219 for a single transmitter and receiver (with no charging case, although you can pick one up separately for $69/£59/€69). Extra transmitters cost $99/£89/€99, and a DJI Lavalier Mic accessory that can be hooked up to a transmitter for more discreet recording is available for $39/£35/€39.

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