Google Nest now has a battery-powered camera and doorbell in its smart security lineup

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05 August 2021 / 14:11BST

All the best things in life are wireless now. Headphones, virtual reality headsets, dogs - and now Google Nest has cut the cord on its smart security gadgets, too. The new Google Nest Cam (£180) and Google Nest Doorbell (£180) are Nest’s first battery-powered products in their respective categories. You can now install them regardless of whether there’s a power outlet or existing doorbell wires nearby, but if you prefer not to rely on batteries, both products can also be plugged in. Object detection now happens on-device, so you can receive notifications when either device’s camera detects animals, vehicles or people, and in the case of the doorbell, packages, without paying for a subscription. Custom zones can also be set up, which means the camera will monitor specific areas of the room or your driveway for activity. Three hours of event video history is included at no extra cost, and if you want more you can sign up to Nest Aware (£5 a month) or Nest Aware Plus (£10 a month) for 30 or 60 days of video history. Google Nest claims that both cameras will capture HDR-quality footage that is clear in both light and dark environments, and the Nest Doorbell now has a taller field of view so you can see more of people and packages up close. All of your compatible Nest devices can be viewed in the Google Home app on your phone or Nest Hub, where you’ll see recorded events and a live video feed. The battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell can pre-ordered now and will be available to buy from August 24. A cheaper wired-only Google Nest Cam (£90) and Google Nest Cam with floodlight (£270) will follow later in the year.

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