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I own eight AirTags, but might buy twice as many of Groov-e’s new Bluetooth trackers

They've got the same Find My capabilities, you can pick them up in Asda, and they're almost half the price. What's not to love?

Groov-e 's My Tag Bluetooth Tracker on luggage

What a bold claim to make, but it’s true. I’ve got eight AirTags currently scattered about and paired to my iPhone – on keys, in suitcases, and in my wallet (and the fiancée’s purse). But Groov-e’s new Bluetooth trackers might make me buy twice as many of them. They’ve got the same Find My capabilities you can expect from an AirTag, you can pick them up in Asda, and they’re almost half the price. With that kind of offering, I want to tag everything in sight – every mug can get one. Or is that overkill?

Dubbed the My Tag, Groov-e’s offering is more than just a glorified beeper for your misplaced keys. In fact, it’s damn close to being an AirTag – if, admittedly, it doesn’t look quite as sleek. It’s a full-fledged member of the Apple Find My network posse. It gets to cozy up with millions of Apple devices worldwide to help you track down your beloved but often misplaced items. And Groov-e even managed to stuff Precision Finding in, so you can use your smartphone like some sort of 21st century metal detector for your belongings.

You pair it just like an AirTag – take it out of the box and hold it near an iPhone. If, for whatever reason, you can’t find your smartphone, My Tag’s 60dB buzzer will be your saviour. And if you’ve got a habit of dropping things around puddles, you’ll be pleased to hear that Groov-e’s My Tag is IP67 water-resistant. As you’d expect, there’s no charging. Just pop in a CR2032 battery and you’ll be set for about a year. Plus, up top, there’s a keyring hook built in, so you don’t need a daft case for your tracker.

And you get all of that for £17.99. You can nab these trackers directly from Groov-e for £15 currently, or from other in-store retailers. You may even find it as cheap in store. Asda is also stocking the My Tag for £15.

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