You'll soon be able to add the Sega Mega Drive Mini to your collection of teeny retro consoles

Aaand that’s pretty much all we know about it
16 April 2018 / 13:00BST

Another year, another iconic console of old that looks like it’s been in the tumble dryer for too long. Yep, after the colossal success of Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Minis, Sega has inevitably decided to get in on the action, announcing at this week’s Sega Fes event that it intends to launch a Mega Drive Mini this year. The machine will be made by AtGames, which has already given the 90s console a redesign in the shape of the Sega Mega Drive Flashback, but the hope will be that this diddy version can do some nifty upscaling. The likelihood is that it’ll be pre-loaded with a big chunk of the Mega Drive’s back catalogue, but we don’t have a list of games yet. Or a price. Or release plans outside of Japan. Still, Gunstar Heroes for the 438th time? Just try and stop us.