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Nanoleaf smart lighting guide: our top picks

If you want to choose Nanoleaf tech for your smart home, then this is a good place to start

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Like non-destructive indoor self-vandalism, this system invites creativity. Here’s our guide to the top smart lighting options from Nanoleaf, who produces some traditional smart light bulbs and lightstrips as well as the light panels they’re most known for.

Nanoleaf’s Shapes range of wall-mounted smart lights is, to resurrect an old favourite Stuff word, awesome. Neatly blending the possibilities of smart lighting and interior design, you can arrange the panels into any shape you choose, and even buy extra panels – which don’t have to be the same type as those in your starter kit – to add to your creation.

The Nanoleaf system’s bonus features can be controlled from the mobile app or the Windows/Mac desktop version. These include a Music Visualiser that gets your lights to interpret the rhythms of your music; and Screen Mirror, which sets them to reflect your on-screen activity – great fun when you’re watching a film or playing a game. And if you’ve got Razer Chroma devices, your Nanoleaf layout becomes even more integrated.

Nanoleaf works on your Wi-Fi network and doesn’t need access to the Internet. It’s compatible with a range of smart home devices and platforms, including HomeKit, Google Assistant, Alexa, Matter, Thread, IFTTT, SmartThings and more.

Nanoleaf Shapes: Triangles

Nanoleaf smart triangles

The snap-on system for connecting the panels to each other and the control unit means they’re easy to arrange and integrate. If you get bored with your chosen layout, you can take it down, disconnect the panels and start again.

Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagons

Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagons

If you prefer your polygons with a few more faces, there’s also a Hexagons option. It’s compatible with the Triangles kit and other Nanoleaf lights; you can start out with five, nine or 15 panels, and add more later. Clever features such as Screen Mirror and the Music Visualiser are, of course, covered.

Nanoleaf lines

Nanoleaf Lines

Maybe straight lines are more your thing? If so, take a look at Nanoleaf Lines. These backlit LED light bars can output over 16 million colours, with two colour zones per line. You can connect them in all sorts of shapes and layouts – and the kit comes with 19 dynamic scenes, with thousands more available to download.

Nanoleaf Light Bulb and app

Nanoleaf Light Bulb

This one replaces a regular lightbulb. Available in B22 (large bayonet) and E27 (large screw-in) fittings, it can output the full 16 million colours, including plain white if you really must. It works with HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa and more, and it’s dimmable via the mobile app or voice commands.

Nanoleaf lightstrip and app

Nanoleaf Lightstrips

The Lightstrip Starter Kit is 2m long, and if you need something longer you can add 1m Extension Packs. And if you want it to be shorter, simply cut it along one of the marks (careful now!). Again it’s controlled via an app, but this is the only Nanoleaf light that can be twisted into the shape of a brontosaurus.

Now add these accessories

Nanoleaf Mini Triangles in the shape of a theropod dinosaur

Mini Triangles

If you’re enjoying your Triangles layouts, why not take things further with the Mini version? These also come as Starter Kits or Expansion Packs.

Nanoleaf Skins


These snap-on covers for Nanoleaf’s Lines can instantly change the look of your layout. They’re lightweight, and snap onto your lights directly.

Nanoleaf Elements


Want something a little more sophisticated for your chic pad? The Elements range replaces the usual plain finish with a woodgrain veneer.

Buying advice

Get started

No need to go mad: if you’re planning to create a Nanoleaf layout, do get yourself a Starter Kit first. It contains all you need, and you can add Expansion Packs later.

Get help

Make sure you download the smartphone app. As well as letting you control your smart lighting remotely, it also has a Layout Assistant to help with your designs.

Get connected

Familiarise yourself with the different smart home platforms with which your setup is compatible. You might be surprised by just how smart these lights can be.

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