Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 15 last-minute Amazon Prime presents

Forgot an important family member? Fear not: these presents will arrive in 24 hours

You’re the organised one. You’ve got all the presents sorted before it’s even December. In fact, you’ve even bought a few for next year.

Then - shock! - you forgot someone. Pesky Uncle Peter: too quiet at parties for you to remember - and you don’t want to repeat last year’s last-minute whisky drama. Remember what it does to him?

Anyway, worry not. We’ve searched the halls and walked the decks of Amazon’s (metaphoric) warehouse, to find the best Christmas gift ideas that are Prime eligible. Buy one now and, all being well, it’ll be with you tomorrow.

Better still, courtesy of Amazon’s nifty delivery fairies, you can order as late as Friday 23 December and it’ll still be with you before the big day.

If you're really lucky, you'll be able to use Prime Now: order as late as 21.45 on Christmas Eve and it'll be with you in an hour. It's available in several cities - including London, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD (£75)

Once the presents are opened and the turkey's been demolished, what's left to make Christmas Day special? Besides Nan having a tiff with Mum about the state of the sprouts? The TV, of course!

Put paid to Boxing Day boredom with this sublime streamer from Amazon. It'll do 4K content from Prime and Netflix, and 1080p for the rest - and it's a bunch more powerful than the previous version, too.

Buy the Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD here

Super streaming

GoPro HERO Session (£149)

Testing out the new sledge? Not before you've strapped this dinky cam to the front, you're not. See, as any YouTube sensation will tell you, a risky thing isn't worth doing if you're not going to have evidence of the damage that follows.

Thankfully, GoPro's latest rugged cube makes it easier than ever to shoot snowy action footage. Small, light and waterproof to 10m, its one-button controls are simple enough for Grandpa to use. It'll play nice with your smartphone, too, for rapid editing.

Buy the GoPro HERO Session here

Moov Now (£59)

Burning off the festive pounds is no fun pursuit - especially when there's a new PS4 Pro beneath the telly just begging to be tested.

Thankfully, that's exactly why the Moov Now exists. Put down that profiterole, strap on the Now and prepare to be coached: it takes care of the rep-counting and motivation - you just have to keep jumping. Most of the workouts in its bank of guided routines take less time than a lunch break, too.

Buy the Moov Now here

Amazon Fire HD 8 (£85)

Sure, it won't blow you away, but last-minute tablets don't come much more cost-effective than the 8in Fire HD. It only really makes sense with a Prime membership, given the large amount of Amazon-branded software it ships with, but, at this price, it's a solidly built, capacious media pad for less than £100.

Expandable storage gives it an advantage over far more expensive hardware, including the likes of the iPad, even if it's at the expense of access to Google's own apps.

Buy the Amazon Fire HD 8 here

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 (£85)

Want to spread Christmas cheer all around the house? Take Chris de Burgh to the bedroom with this sweet-sounding boomer from Ultimate Ears.

Waterproof, shockproof and good looking to boot, it's a great go-anywhere listen. What's more, a maximum 8-hour battery life makes it a pretty reliable noise-maker.

Weighing 549g, it shouldn't be too heavy a load to bare, whilst a 33m range should see you Bluetooth-boogying around the house with ease.

Buy the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 here