The 19 best PlayStation VR games

UPDATED: The PSVR library has some brilliant new gems

The PlayStation VR might not be as technically accomplished as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but two years and a pretty major price drop later, it's become a hugely compelling device.

Sony's PlayStation 4 headset is not only the most affordable way to get a meaningful VR experience, but it also has arguably the best games lineup of any VR platform right now. That's thanks to Sony's ability to court major developers, as well as flex its own creative muscle for must-play virtual reality experiences.

We have a load of favourites now, from shooters to racing games and plenty more in between – even a lightsaber-swinging rhythm game! If you're looking for something fresh and fun to play with the PlayStation VR, start with these 19 picks.

Additional words by Tom Parsons

Beat Saber

You'll never look particularly cool while playing a VR game, but damn if you won't feel incredibly awesome while playing Beat Saber. It is, by far, the most exuberantly fun VR experience today, offering a new kind of rhythm game experience.

Essentially, the game turns your PlayStation Move motion controllers into glowing digital lightsabers, which you'll wield to slash through beat-matched boxes that come flying into view. You'll effortlessly slash them in half, but you'll need to cut in the correct direction – as well as avoid physical hazards – to string together a combo and net a high score. Like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, this feels like the kind of game we'll be playing for ages, presuming there's enough new music en route.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot Rescue Mission came seemingly out of nowhere to become the PlayStation VR's Super Mario or Ratchet & Clank: an imaginative, absolutely joyful platform-action game that's a total essential for the headset.

You might think that VR wouldn't be particularly useful for a third-person 3D platform game, but Astro Bot finds clever ways to elevate the experience. For example, you'll need to look all around—including around corners and obstacles—to get around, plus there are loads of secrets to discover. It's utterly charming and truly something special, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any PSVR owner.

The Persistence

Eerie spaceships and horror games seem to make a terrific double-act for scaring you senseless. Alien Isolation or Dead Space are perfect examples for such claustrophobic nightmares, but PSVR title The Persistence takes this dread up another level. 

WIth a virtual reality headset strapped on and hordes of mutated clones lunging right into your face, there's enough immersion here to stop you sleeping for months. Fortunately, you're armed with a bunch of BioShock-esque super weapons to turn your enemies into gloop, aiding you in your quest to reboot the ship and make your way back home.

Be warned though, The Persistence is brutally difficult and littered with jump scares, so only the bravest should dare hop aboard. But tough it out, and you'll be rewarded with one of the greatest experiences that virtual reality has to offer.


A storybook-style tale about a mouse who finds herself caught up in a magical events that reach well beyond her tiny size, Moss belongs in the same rarified company as Lone Echo and Superhot VR as one of the finest virtual reality experiences you can immerse yourself in.

With a gorgeous fairytale world to bask in, some clever motion controls and a charming chaptered story that breaks up the action into bite-sized chunks, the game adds up to something totally unique.

There are collectibles scattered about in hard-to-reach corners, but really the idea here is that anyone should be able to don a PlayStation VR and find themselves smitten with what surrounds them.


Tetris Effect

Yes, it does seem a bit laughable that Tetris is considered an essential virtual reality experience, but just strap on the PlayStation VR and fire up Tetris Effect. We suspect you'll also be convinced.

Hailing from the creator of the excellent Rez Infinite (also on this list), Tetris Effect reimagines the classic puzzler within dynamic game worlds that pulse and throb to your gameplay, even evolving and becoming all the more enrapturing over time. It's still "just" Tetris – that is, arguably the greatest puzzle game of all time – but the surrounding detail is truly mesmerising, and that's doubly true within the immersive space provided by VR.


Farpoint is the big PSVR game that a lot of early buyers have been waiting for, and thankfully, it largely lives up to the hype.

The Aim Controller helps amp up the immersion in this first-person shooter, which finds you blasting through packs of aliens on a Mars-like planet. You can play with a DualShock 4, certainly, but the extra £25 is well spent on the Aim Controller to help amplify the illusion that you're really pumping icky spider creatures full of lead.

While the campaign can feel a little one-dimensional at times (and certainly derivative), the VR experience is ace: the game looks fantastic, and the ability to look freely in all directions really elevates play. The campaign is relatively brief, but there's nothing quite like Farpoint on PlayStation VR, and it really does feel mighty special in spots.