The 17 best PlayStation VR games

Got yourself a PSVR? These are the very best things to play on it

It's here! At-home, PlayStation-powered VR is here!

OK, so we have some reservations - but Sony's headset gaming machine is still capable of producing mind-blowing experiences.

Thing is, once you've recovered from the unbridled joy of owning your own PSVR headset, you'll probably want some games to play. Don't know where to start? We've got you covered: here are the 17 best games to get right now.

Additional words by Andrew Hayward

The Persistence

Eerie spaceships and horror games seem to make a terrific double-act for scaring you senseless. Alien Isolation or Dead Space are perfect examples for such claustrophobic nightmares, but PSVR title The Persistence takes this dread up another level. 

WIth a virtual reality headset strapped on and hordes of mutated clones lunging right into your face, there's enough immersion here to stop you sleeping for months. Fortunately, you're armed with a bunch of BioShock-esque super weapons to turn your enemies into gloop, aiding you in your quest to reboot the ship and make your way back home.

Be warned though, The Persistence is brutally difficult and littered with jump scares, so only the bravest should dare hop aboard. But tough it out, and you'll be rewarded with one of the greatest experiences that virtual reality has to offer.

Price: £25

Buy The Persistence from the PlayStation Store


A storybook-style tale about a mouse who finds herself caught up in a magical events that reach well beyond her tiny size, Moss belongs in the same rarified company as Lone Echo and Superhot VR as one of the finest virtual reality experiences you can immerse yourself in.

With a gorgeous fairytale world to bask in, some clever motion controls and a charming chaptered story that breaks up the action into bite-sized chunks, the game adds up to something totally unique.

There are collectibles scattered about in hard-to-reach corners, but really the idea here is that anyone should be able to don a PlayStation VR and find themselves smitten with what surrounds them.

Price: £25

Buy Moss from the PlayStation Store


Farpoint is the big PSVR game that a lot of early buyers have been waiting for, and thankfully, it largely lives up to the hype.

The Aim Controller helps amp up the immersion in this first-person shooter, which finds you blasting through packs of aliens on a Mars-like planet. You can play with a DualShock 4, certainly, but the extra £25 is well spent on the Aim Controller to help amplify the illusion that you're really pumping icky spider creatures full of lead.

While the campaign can feel a little one-dimensional at times (and certainly derivative), the VR experience is ace: the game looks fantastic, and the ability to look freely in all directions really elevates play. The campaign is relatively brief, but there's nothing quite like Farpoint on PlayStation VR, and it really does feel mighty special in spots.

Price: £50 (£75 with Aim Controller)

Resident Evil 7

Keep your closest teddy to hand: gaming's original scare-fest is back - and suitably terrifying in VR.

Another gasp-inducing surprise of PlayStation's E3 2016 press conference, the pant-wetting trailer gave plenty of journalists nightmares - and it turns out that was all just a teaser for the terror of Resident Evil 7.

A tight field of view, plodding movement speed and a game world packed full of incidental (and gross) detail leave you constantly on edge, wondering if the next enemy is going to appear in front, above, below or behind you.

What's more, while the Baker plantation might not be as sprawling in Res 7 as the original game's Spencer mansion, it feels plenty big enough when its crazed residents are pursuing you in VR.

In first person, every room feels constrictive, with overflowing detritus and ruined furniture blocking your path. Sure, the deliberately clunky controls feel restrictive when you're trying to dodge attacks, but at all other times the VR experience - including a cleverly thought-through input system where the right stick turns you in 30-degree intervals as you freely look around - is incredibly immersive, and utterly scary.

Price: £42

Buy Resident Evil 7 here from Amazon

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Dirt Rally VR

Sony's own Driveclub VR wasn't all that hot, but Dirt Rally VR is the real deal. That's no surprise: the core Dirt Rally game was already excellent on flat screens, and unlocking VR across the entire game is as simple as paying £10 for a DLC pack.

You'll see a graphical hit in VR, even on the PlayStation 4 Pro, but the added immersion can be pretty spellbinding. From your cockpit view, you'll take the tight turns using the directions fed from your co-driver, and if you have a buddy handy, he or she can take that role and try to give you the right instructions by pressing buttons and swiping the DualShock 4's touchpad.

Zipping around turns can put a pit in your stomach at times, but even so, this one put a big grin on our faces. Hopefully Dirt 4 has its own VR action before too long, but for now, Dirt Rally VR more than impresses.

Price: £58 (Bundle); £50 (Game) and £10 (DLC)

Batman: Arkham VR

Appearing out of the blue during Sony's E3 2016 press conference, Batman: Arkham VR is a roughly two-hour experience that puts you into the mask, gloves and sculpted chest piece of the Caped Crusader.

The game focuses on Batman's detective skills - rather than his left-right jabs - but you do get to throw batarangs while attempting to solve the brutal murder of Nightwing. Along the way you'll solve puzzles and uncover clues using a variety of gadgets, and meet a number of the most fearsome and famous supervillains in uncomfortably close proximity.

This is an amazingly cinematic, intense experience - and, while it's very short and requires Move controllers (£68 a pair) to work its best, you'll be seriously blown away.

Price: £15.99

Download Batman: Arkham VR here from the PlayStation Store

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RIGS: Mechanised Combat League

RIGS is a first-person, mech-based mixture of deathmatch and future-sport that's exclusive to PSVR. It's also a great showcase for Sony's headset, thanks to chunky, colourful art and frenetic multiplayer battles.

In RIGS, 6-8 players are split into two teams, before selecting and strapping into a mech, and launching into the arena. 

Your task in the main game mode, Power Slam, is to score 'goals' by leaping through a ring at the top of the arena - but to earn that right you first need to score enough points by shooting the opposing team's mechs and collecting the tokens they drop.

Controls are basically standard FPS-style, but you aim and turn using your head. It sounds weird, but it soon feels surprisingly natural - although some people find VR more nauseous than others, so you might have to ease yourself in.

The speed, fluidity, heft and height of RIGS - the brilliantly vertigo-inducing ejections (which occur when your mech's destroyed) - make it one of the highlights of the early lineup.

Price: £33

Buy RIGS: Mechanised Combat League here from Amazon

Eve: Valkyrie

A first-person, dogfighting spin-off from the huge (and hugely complicated) Eve Online MMO, Valkyrie is essentially all of your Battlestar Galactica fantasy made real.

By 'real' we obviously mean 'virtual' - not that your brain bothers making that distinction as you, in your nimble little starship, are fired into glorious outer space. And it really is glorious: rather than boring blackness, Valkyrie's battles take place just above the atmosphere of beautiful planets, or right in the middle of huge fleets of ships.

Valkyrie's graphics on PS VR are undeniably downgraded from Oculus Rift but, crucially, it contains all of the same content and plays identically - thin: super fast, fluid and fun. In fact, this is the first game that both Rift and PS VR players can play together via online multiplayer.

The game is still officially in development and the overall package can feel a little disjointed, with the single-player story still begging for expansion. Still, the multiplayer should keep you occupied for a long time and developer CCP seems very committed to future development, with a number of updates already having gone live since the game's earlier Oculus launch.

Price: £43

Buy Eve: Valkyrie from Amazon


We've played rhythm games of all shapes and sizes over the years, but Thumper is downright intimidating – it promises "rhythm violence," and that's exactly what you get.

You'll guide a speedy space beetle along a track and tap a button to activate icons you pass over, bounce off of hard turns to maintain momentum, and send massive energy shots off ahead to destroy the giant, metallic, floating head in the sky. It's intense.

And you can play it on a flat TV screen certainly; hell, it's even on the Nintendo Switch. But the game takes on a whole 'nother level of intensity in VR, as you're surrounded by the dazzling sight and feel every hit and explosion as they occur. We didn't know rhythm violence was a thing before Thumper, but now we're super into it.

Price: £16