Screen time: the best 4K TVs for every home cinema in 2021

Bring home the big screen on any budget

Cinema prices these days. One family trip to the local Odeon and you’ve burnt through half your rainy day fund – only for some popcorn pest to interrupt the movie with their munching.

Want a cinematic experience without the general public? Save the money you’d spend on multiplex tickets and stick it into a new TV. Even with limited cash to spend, you can treat your eyes to an entertainment upgrade. And if you’ve got a blockbuster budget, there’s no shortage of classy kit to transform your movie room.

Need help picking the right panel for your peepers? We’ve tested a battalion of big-screen TVs to bring you eight of the greatest 4K displays fit for every budget. Soundbars sold separately.

Budget brilliance

Mid-range magic

Premium power

Break the bank