Tech Toy of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
Wheely good fun for Star Wars fans, this dinky droid is an R/C rollaround straight out of sci-fi. Smartphone-controlled and hologram-equipped, the force is strong with this floaty-headed fun ball.

The runners-up

Scalextric for the smartphone generation, Anki’s modular track runs robotic cars around the living room. Would-be Vettels can truly test their skills in Battle mode, controlling speed and lane choice.

Putting 3D printing in a desktop box, Formlabs’ layer-by-layer process lets you live out your mad scientist dreams in even-textured excellence. Speedy and stylish, it’s a must for makers.

As app-enabled colour-changing orbs go, Hackaball is the sensor-packed pinnacle. Deceptively simple yet endlessly engaging, it’s programmable pass-around fun to get the coding cogs turning.


Engage babies with buggies, toddlers with trikes and big kids with cars: Infento’s kits are proper constructive engineering for everyone, whatever their travelling tastes.

Meccano Meccanoid G15KS

Fancy a four-foot-tall sci-fi friend? This app-programmable 'bot has 1064 parts to keep robo-builders occupied, while its open-source platform means AI invasion is just a code away.