Readers' Gadget of the Year 2015 (reader-voted)

Awards Winner
Whether it’s the 13MP rear camera, 5.5in display or £240 price tag that grabs your attention, OnePlus' second flagship phone has gained it plenty of attention for all the right reasons.

The runners-up

Now more powerful than ever thanks to the quad-core chip and 2GB of RAM inside it, this petite plug-in is the only 4K streamer in the UK and can deliver 7.1 audio to top it off.

Incredibly light and slimmer than a gadget lover’s wallet after Christmas, this is next-gen on-the-go computing. USB-C, a Retina display and 9hr battery life mean it's no lightweight on the specs front.

The Apple Watch is as good as smartwatches get, with a Force Touch screen so clear you’ll be drooling over it, a clever crown-operated interface and an App Store that's already the envy of the rest.

DJI’s smartphone-controllable aerial shooter is jammed full of nifty features (such as return-to-home smarts) alongside those trademark sweeping sky visuals in up to pin-sharp 2.7K resolution.

The X-T10's lovely retro-styled shell is subtle enough to look incredible without posturing, while its stunning OLED viewfinder, speedy autofocus and 16.3MP sensor ensure it takes amazing photos.

With app-controlled 1440p capturing capabilities crammed into a teensy 35mm cube, the Session is the all-action answer to the smartphone generation’s all-action shooting needs.

Thank you, LG, for putting the eye-popping pixel power of 4K together with the awe-inspiring contrasts and blacks of OLED. Thank you too, LG, for doing so in a huge, 55in curved display.

Select a workout from the Moov Now's partner app and you can enjoy the kind of premium get-fit instruction that's previously been the reserve of Hollywood hunks (and Stuff staff, obviously).

Take the glass-backed shell, superb screen and powerful innards of the S6, add futuristic curves to the screen and you have the S6 Edge: a high-end smartphone with highly original styling.