Health & Fitness Gadget of the Year 2015

Moov Now

Awards Winner
Moov’s Now is a petitely packaged personal trainer with a bank of smartphone-streamed guided workouts, voice coaching and rep counting to guide you to your exhausting goals.

The runners-up

A small-screened, lightweight wrist-wrapper with everyday heart-rate reading, Fitbit’s Charge HR hits the holy grail of compromise between casual step sensing and hardcore fitness tracking.

This budget-buster is the go-to GPS wrist-wrapper for multi-sport fitness fiends, with a rugged get-up that'll look far more stylish than you as you career through the mud and down the mountain.

These round-the-neck sports 'phones go have in-built heart-rate and voice coaching kit and will cling on to your ears for dear life however strenuous your workout.

Perfectly packaged in a subtly smooth shell of fitness-sensing smarts, the UP3 upstages similar silicone straps with a clever combo of background tracking, sleep sensing and lifestyle advice.

Wahoo Kickr Snap

Turbo training tech doesn’t come much smarter than the Snap's app-controlled resistance. Home spin sessions are as easy as slotting a wheel into the carbon steel frame and firing up the flywheel.

Withings Activité Pop

Traditionally styled tick-tock tracking doesn’t come much better: the analogue approach of this three-handed hardware works wonders, and it's smart enough to track your steps all the way to dinner.

Zepp Golf

This glove-mounted motion monitor puts an end to swing-and-miss fairway faux pas. It’ll sense your speed, perceive your plane and discern your drive, all with in-app 3D visualisations.