25 best Apple gadgets

iPhone 4S not revolutionary enough for you? These Apple gadgets have a rightful place at the top table of tech

Like Apple products? Then you'll love the following 25 Apple gadgets.

Apple II (1977)

By current Apple standards, the Apple II had all the design panache of a cardboard box. But the Woz’s follow-up to the geek-oriented Apple I would take home computing by storm and production continued, in various permutations, until 1993. Brilliant.

Apple Mac Mini (2005)

Apple’s first home desktop computer came with nothing – no monitor, no keyboard and no mouse. Of course, those were things to worry once you’d found the barely perceptible power button on the rear panel. It did come with an optical drive, though even that was axed in 2010. Minimalism much?

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Apple iPod 4G Photo (2004)

Apple’s iPod had already changed the world, but not only did the fourth generation bring the touch-friendly Clickwheel to a ‘proper’ iPod for the first time (it debuted on the short-lived iPod Mini), but it offered a future-gazing glimpse of what Apple might do with the introduction of colour. The 2005 5G’s addition of video came as no surprise at all.

Apple iPad (2010)

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, it fell on cynical ears. But the accusations of it being a giant iPod Touch named for an Apple-ised feminine hygiene product lasted only until we had it in our hands. At a stroke, Apple invented a new category of gadget and the rest of the gadget world was forced into development overtime in a bid to catch up.

Apple Power Mac G4 Cube (2000)

It sold badly (the Power Mac G4 Cube was widely held to be overpriced), but the few architect/design agency sorts who felt its bleeding-edge design and see-through, spherical Harman Kardon speakers merited the mark-up were justifiably smug about their purchase. New York’s Museum of Modern Art agreed.

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