The Micro is an easy to use US$300 3D printer designed for everyone

This could very well be your first jump into the wondrous world of 3D printing

3D printers have been around for quite some time now, but like 4K TVs, we've yet to see them invade our homes.

The Micro is looking to change that with its affordable US$300 price tag and user-friendly design.

Easy on the eyes, The Micro offers plenty of design tweaks to ensure a less stressful printing experience.

For starters, the plastic filament spools fit inside The Micro itself, as opposed to attaching precariously on the outside within reach of renegade children and dogs with an appetite for destruction.

Coupled with its desk-friendly dimensions and 1kg weight, The Micro is easily portable and should be good to go within minutes of tearing open its box.

On the actual 3D printing side of things, The Micro features a motion chip for automatic levelling and calibration, along with self-lubricating carbon fibre rods and a ceramic heater for rapidly heating up.

The Micro is an easy to use US0 3D printer designed for everyone

It also claims to be the quietest 3D printer ever made with the lowest power consumption to boot, and it supports replaceable nozzles for tinkerers who want to take things further.

The greatest specs in the world mean nothing without the software to back it up, and The Micro creator M3D LLC has designed the 3D printing software to be as easy to use as possible.

It supports touch screen controls and has a simple interface, while an in-built search function lets you scour the web for objects which you can then watch come to life in front of your very eyes. 

Advanced users have the option to enable expert settings which serve up more options for tweaking models and it's compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux-based systems.

If all that sounds promising to you then head on over to The Micro's Kickstarter page where you can slap down US$300 to pre-order one today to be delivered in August.

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