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What the Stuff team are buying in the Black Friday sales

Ever wondered what the deal experts are buying themselves over Black Friday? Well, now you know…

Every November we spend a significant amount of time telling our readers what to buy in the Black Friday sales – hunting for the very best deals around. But have you ever wondered what Stuff’s team of tech experts are buying?

Well, this article is for you, as we’ll be telling you exactly what we’ll be picking up in this year’s Black Friday sales.

This year we present a varied selection, from nappies and rechargeable batteries to a Mac Mini and 4K TV. So, if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, here is some inspiration on what to buy.

Best Xbox consoles ever Xbox Series X

Dan Grabham, Editor-in-Chief

There are a lot of deals on over Black Friday and I always find it difficult to separate what is actually a good deal from something that’s actually been on sale all year – but then I know I’m not alone in that! We try and bring you the best deals we’ve actually seen and would like to take advantage of ourselves! I’ve been considering buying a MacBook Air M1 for everyday portability recently. While it’s a 2020 model, it’s so capable that the $750/£798 cost makes it an absolute no-brainer for anyone who isn’t doing the most taxing of tasks.

I’ve also been looking for an air fryer. I’ve wanted one for ages, but my wife has been resistant. However, we’ve seen a friend’s in action recently and so she’s converted! I’m tempted by the Instant Pot Vortex Plus at 45 to 33% off (now $60/£79). However, I probably need a dual zone model so I’m either going to get the Instant Pot VersaZone (40% off in the UK at £120) or Ninja’s Foodi DualZone at 40% off so $120 in the US or there’s a Foodi Max model on sale in the UK with 28% off, down to £179.

I’m also thinking I need to upgrade my Xbox – I’ve only got the Xbox One S at present so VERY tempted by the Xbox Series X at $359/£359.

Luckily I’ve got the brand new USB-C AirPods Pro already but I thought I’d mention them as they are also discounted to the point that buying a cheaper pair of AirPods doesn’t make sense. They’re $190 in the US and £199 in the UK. Absolute steal.

Oh, and Shark always have some absolute cracking deals on over Black Friday that are genuinely good deals. The pick of these is the cordless Shark Stratos which has around 30% off, down to $299 in the US and £229 in the UK.

House of Marley Get Together Duo BF

Tom Morgan, Deputy Editor

2023 was the year I became a dad for the first time, so let’s be honest: my Black Friday shopping basket contains more buggies, bottles and bath time toys than anything techy. And those are just the B’s. That means the Hi-Fi cabinet I’ve had on my wish list since adding a turntable to my setup over the summer remains unbought. But a man can dream, can’t he? (Or at least he can when his infant son lets him sleep).

Speakers were next on my home audio upgrade list. I’m not tied in to any multiform system, so was tempted by a Sonos One SL (currently 26% off, at £133 instead of £179), but the lack of Bluetooth support put me off. The Audio Pro C5A (now 27% off, £110 instead of £150) is an even more affordable alternative with Alexa integration as well as Bluetooth. Ultimately I decided both looked just a little too digital for my vinyl revival, so went for a set of powered bookshelf speakers. 

The £324 Q Acoustics M20 almost got the nod, but the 6% ‘discount’ from the previous £343 price was hardly twisting my arm. It was the House of Marley Get Together Duo that eventually went in my basket. For £130 (or £110 if you prefer a black finish to bamboo), this small pair looks sharp and has the inputs I needed, plus one speaker has a built-in battery for taking on the move. Bluetooth is on-board too, and I like the firm’s sustainability message.

Jack Needham, Features Editor

While I rarely navigate a long journey without my Nintendo Switch, but I often find it’s just another thing to worry about. Given how mobile gaming has evolved to the point where I can play Resident Evil 4 on my blower, my phone should have become my primary portable console of choice. However, I’ve found playing on a 6in screen far too fiddly for my giant thumbs. I also don’t want to risk cracking my screen during a particularly frantic game of Rocket League. That’s where the Backbone controller comes in, though.

The controller adds physical buttons and joysticks to my smartphone, and is currently on sale for $100/£70. It features ports for iPhones, as well as a second-gen USB-C version for Android smartphones and the iPhone 15 series. I can use it to play through the Xbox Game Pass library or stream directly from my PS5 through Remote Play. Will it replace my Nintendo Switch? Maybe not, unless Super Smash Bros. comes to the App Store. But it’ll certainly be my next travel buddy.

Amazon tablet

Spencer Hart, Buying Guide Editor

I don’t usually go crazy on Black Friday, just sticking to essentials such as Water Wipes, nappies, and rechargeable batteries. While I’ll no doubt be stocking up on those again this year, I’ve also been tempted by some cut-price tech, namely the Amazon Fire HD 8 reduced from $99/£99 to $59/£49.99. I’ve been looking at getting a compact tablet for a while now, and this discount on Amazon’s Fire Tab might finally be enough to push me over the edge. The Fire HD 8 packs everything I need into its compact body, from the full HD display and Dolby Atmos enhanced audio, to an Echo Show-style full-screen Alexa mode and USB-C connectivity.

Of course, there’s also the amazing deal on Amazon’s own-brand television, which sees the 55in 4K smart Fire TV reduced from £549.99 to £149.99. Now, I’ve already detailed that I don’t want or need a new 55in television, but I feel like this deal is too good to miss. You’re getting a £550 55-inch 4K TV for just £150! That’s an unbelievable deal, saving 73-percent off the RRP. The Fire TV 4 Series itself is a pretty decent option, with its 4K LCD panel supporting HDR 10 and HLG HDR as well as Dolby Digital Plus audio built in as well.

Finally, I also usually do all of my Christmas shopping in the sales and I have my eye on ProCook’s Black Friday event. This year I have a feeling a lot of family members will be opening chef’s knives and casserole dishes on Christmas morning.

Craig Grannell, Freelancer Contributor

The main thing I’m hoping for is good Mac Mini deals. I want to buy one as a ‘spare’ Mac, and also to plug loads of SSDs I own into. Then I can finally sort my mess of backups and have instant access to all my files, from any machine. And unlike other solutions, this will be silent. (Come back next year to find I’ve bought the Mac, but have yet to sort said drives, most of which remain in the loft, obvs.)

Black Friday 2023 is here we’re busy covering the best deals across the web. Whether you’re looking for a new phone, laptop, or stick vac, we’ll be highlighting the biggest savings around.
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