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This beefy Energizer phone is the ultimate cure for battery anxiety

Take one and call me in the morning - you'll have plenty of juice left

Energizer phone lead

There are phones with big batteries, and then there’s the Energizer HardCase P28K. This absolute monster of a mobile is packing a 28,000mAh capacity cell, which is more than five times as much as any flagship smartphone you’d care to mention.

Perhaps you’re a telecoms mast engineer assigned to the Australian outback, or take month-long excursions into the Amazon rainforest. This is the sort of phone you need, with a claimed 2252 hours of standby time – that’s a whopping 94 days. In actual use it’ll be more like five days, but that’s still 122 hours of talk time. Handy when the nearest plug socket is thousands of miles away. Charging time isn’t nearly as epic, needing just an hour and a half to refuel over USB-C at 33W.

According to Energizer licensee Avenir Telecom, the HardCase P28K is also aimed at heavy industry workers. It’s got a rugged build and extreme IP69 rating against dust and water damage, so should survive a serious beating from the elements.

Naturally that means this phone is something of a tank. It weighs a wrist-damaging 570g and is 27.8mm thick – or three iPhone 15s stacked together. Good luck squeezing it into your jeans pockets.

Battery life aside, the Energizer phone isn’t going worry today’s flagship phones. It’s rocking a fairly modest MediaTek Helio G99 chipset, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. The 6.78in LCD screen has a 1080p resolution, and it doesn’t even have any 5G connectivity.

Two of the three rear cameras have a respectable pixel count, with a 64MP lead snapper and 20MP ultra-wide; the 2MP third lens feels like a token inclusion though.

The Energizer phone is expected to go on sale towards the end of the year for around €250. Assuming Avenir actually brings it to production, that is – a 2019 effort to release an 18,000mAh capacity phone seemingly didn’t get much further than a Mobile World Congress reveal.

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