News’s Top 10 Glastonbury gadgets

You can take a look at our festival vidcast, and our Top 10 Festival Kit we thought we’d point you in the direction of even more great gadgetry

You can take a look at our festival vidcast, and our Top 10 Festival Kit we thought we’d point you in the direction of even more great gadgetry and some useful apps for your five days of booze, bands, revelry and serious body odour.

The Ultimate Festival Kit - £24.95

If you can't afford everything on our list, Firebox has crafted its very own survival kit. There's 18 mini essentials such as a keychain torch, PVC poncho, SPF30 sunscreen, glow in the dark whistle and toilet seat covers, which all come in a biodegradable bag, inkeeping with Glasto's green theme.

Nothing’s sweeter than a freebie and Orange’s GlastoNav app will be your ultimate interactive festival guide. You'll find an interactive map and low-down on general festival info, news and alerts, stage times and personalised artists schedule, all of which you can share with pals. GlastoNav-based competitions will be running throughout the festival too, for a chance to win side stage access to the Pyramid Stage.

Bringing a high-end handset to a festival is always going to be a bad idea, especially if you’re famous for alcohol-related mishaps. If you can’t bear the thought of being cut off, you might want to consider the Sony Ericsson J132. It's best described as "no frills", but coming in at a fiver if you happen to lose it during your weekend of revelry, there will be no tears.

Over-priced vendors shouldn’t be the only people benefiting from the festival crowd. Why not set up our own tent and partake in a bit of festival fortune telling? And if you’re lucky, it might just fund your entire Glasto experience. You may even unlock the answers to someone’s hopes and dreams.

Let’s face it, warm beer is just plain nasty and there’s no greater tragedy than craving a cold one. Don't worry – the Bubba Keg is on hand to help. This rather large travel mug features dual-wall insulation to ensure your beverage stays icy cold as intended, meaning you can hold onto your beer safe in the knowledge it won’t taste like it has just come out your bladder after half an hour.

Rather than traipse through the mud with a wind turbine, attach this 20cm tall eco-friendly apparatus to your tent and let it light your path with each gust of wind using its 6cm propellers and built-in red or blue LEDs. It’ll be like having a futuristic sparkler… kind of.

Don’t waste precious sleeping time trying to locate your tent, whack TentFinder on your iPhone and let it fish out your tent amongst a sea of seemingly identical ones for you. All you need to do is add a GPS stamp to your tent’s location, add an optional photograph if you think this will make things easier, then hit the ‘find’ button and the app will guide you back using its virtual compass.

There are many alternatives to opening a bottle sans bottle opener, for instance using your teeth, a lighter or some kind of ledge. Save yourself the hassle (and discomfort) by getting one of these. It looks like a key, it probably feels like a key, but it’s actually a steel bottle opener. We wouldn’t recommend trying to open any doors with it though.

Extortionate hot dogs won’t seem so appealing as your funds deplete, which is why bringing a BBQ along to the party is a practical option. The Flat-Folding BBQ is not only lightweight, but it's hassle free too – just fill it up, light it, throw some sausages on it then fling it in the tent when you’re done. Worry about cleaning it when you get home.

Matches are the cheap fire-starting option, but can a match withstand powerful gushes of wind and such mammoth tasks as lighting a BBQ or copious amounts of cigarettes? They can’t, but this super lighter can, thanks to its wind-proof and continuous flame capabilities.


Whatever you do, make sure you don’t pack your kitbag until you’ve read our Top Ten Festival and Camping gadget guides.