Star Wars X-Wing starfighter is world's largest Lego model

Like Lego? Love Star Wars? Then you might want to sit down for this. It's going to blow you away...

Lego has revealed a huge 1:1 scale model of a Star Wars X-Wing starfighter which is now officially the world's largest Lego model.

Measuring 11x43ft with a 44ft wingspan, the model is 42 times bigger than the X-Wing set currently available for you to buy and build yourself.

Featuring over 5 million bricks and weighing 45,000 pounds (thanks to its steel infrastructure), the model took an international team of designers and builders over a year to complete.

It might not be able to fly, but its definitely the most impressive Lego build we've ever set eyes on, and we wish we could jet over to Times Square to see it in person. Next up? A life-sized Lego Death Star. Please?

[via designboom]