Samsung Nexus Prime accidentally confirmed?

Is Samsung going to be responsible for the next Nexus phone?

When it comes to any kind of web leakage or rumour, it's best to take it with a huge pinch of salt. Even more so when the rumour in question – the Samsung Nexus Prime – is the result of a leaked cease and desist email. The story goes like this: managed to retrieve an angry email from Samsung to an unknown recipient accusing them of wrongfully being in possession of the Nexus Prime, with the intention of making it public without its consent. Perhaps, what wasn't realised at the time was the inadvertent admission of its existence. The email goes on:

"By this letter, Samsung orders you to immediate [sic] cease, desist, and refrain from any and all such activities.

The Nexus Prime firmware is the exclusive property of Samsung and/or its partners, suppliers and affiliates. Any continued retention, use, or disclosure of Nexus Prime firmware, and/or Samsung’s confidential,       proprietary, and trade secret information pertaining to Nexus Prime, will expose you to significant liability, both civil and potentially criminal.

Samsung expects your immediate compliance with the terms of this letter. You are instructed to contact my office immediately to discuss the return of Nexus Prime data in your possession and other remedial action. Samsung reserves all rights.

By this letter, your [sic] are also put on notice of your obligation not to alter, modify, delete, erase, or destroy, or cause or permit anyone else to alter, modify, delete, erase, or destroy, any evidence pertaining to the subject matter of this letter.

Thank you for immediate cooperation."

Wild speculation already has Samsung down as the front runner for the next Google Nexus phone (it already makes the Nexus S), but the evident typos and shonky grammar suggest this isn't an official Samsung notice, but rather a cheeky little mischief-maker trying to get that rumour mill churning even harder.

The Google Nexus Prime is thought to be the successor to the Nexus S and Nexus One, with rumoured specs such as a massive Super AMOLED HD 1280 x 720 pixel screen, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and a Google+ button. But until Samsung speaks up, we'll treat this as a wild rumour.


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