Polaroid PoGo digicam set for 2009

When Polaroid discontinued their classic instant camera earlier this year, classic gadget fans were up in arms. And while the brilliant PoGo Bluetooth

Alas, according to the chaps in the tech know how at Wired, Polaroid is indeed working on a PoGo style point-and-shoot, which will fire out prints in 4x3in format, bigger than the 2x3in versions coming out of the PoGo printer.

There's even the suggestion that you'll be able to manipulate your pics prior to reeling them off, which would truly make any effort a contender for next year's number one must-have.

If you can't wait that long for some Polaroid-infused action, then make sure you check our our print-off vidcast, starring the PoGo in all its glory.