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Polaroid’s tiny instant camera is adorable enough to tempt me away from my smartphone

Is the world's smallest instant camera enough to convert you?

Polaroid Go 2

Polaroid has introduced the Go Generation 2 — the world’s smallest instant camera. And while it obviously still dwarves svelter snappers like your smartphone, its more compact size, coupled with its friendly curves and bold colour finish, all make for an instant camera that I’d finally consider using.

Improvements over its predecessor include a wider aperture range (F9 and F42 vs F12 to F56), along with a nippier 1/300 of a second shutter speed and a more precise light sensor. While the technical changes promise to produce better shots, it’s the more charming elements like a built-in selfie mirror and compatibility with Go colour filters, that excite me the most.

Anything with more tactility than the bland two-dimensional screen of my smartphone tends to get my gadget juices flowing these days, and the Polaroid Go 2 looks like it could provide a fun source of entertainment at summer gatherings. A double exposure mode lets you tinker with more creative shots, while a built-in timer and USB-C charging finish off the feature list with a dash of welcome practicality.

The Polaroid Go Generation 2 is available to buy now, with an RRP of $100/£95, directly from Polaroid US and Polaroid UK Those prices are for the bundle kit which includes a double-pack of film and a camera clip for securing it to your bag or belt loop. You can also snap it up all on its lonesome, for $80/£80, respectively. Red, black, blue, and white colour options are currently available, while a double-pack of film on its own will set you back around $20/£19.

Naturally, the very nature of an instant camera means it won’t be for everyone, but if you’re anything like me and have been tempted by the physical form factor of other instant cameras but have been but off by their bulk, then the Polaroid Go 2 could mark your first foray into instant cam territory. Happy snapping.

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