Philips updates Cinema 21:9 Platinum and intros cheaper Gold model

Philips Cinema 21:9 gets a spec refresh while Gold comes in at half the price

When Philips first outed its 21:9 Cinema wide screen TV back in 2009, we were in TV heaven. Our excitement went up a notch when Philips announced it had upgraded its cinema-proportioned TV to Platinum. Now, Philips has upgraded its Platinum screen tech to boast a 1200Hz perfect motion rate, with a boldly claimed  5 millisecond response time. In fact, Philips claims it's the Fastest LED TV in the world today.

Multiview is also now available, enabling split-screen viewing. For example,you can take in content from its Wi-Fi-enabled Smart TV streaming service and the latest episode of Eastenders. It's also been upgraded to a glorious 58ins.

As we know, it's 3D equipped, with its 3D Max functionality offering what Philips is calling "the clearest 3D available in full HD". One of its best features, though, has to be its full screen, two-player 3D gaming functionality, allowing two players to see a full-screen 2D view simultaneously when donning special 3D specs. Awesome.

We love Philips' Cinema range of TVs – not only can you kick back and take in a movie sans those pesky black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, but you can enjoy your movies in the glorious third dimension.

If you've got a spare €4,000, it's yours. Not feeling so flush? You could always go for the 50in Gold version, with a 400Hz panel, that also throws up passive 3D display tech, but goes for around half the price at €2,199. UK prices are yet to be announced, but needless to say, you'd better get saving for their arrival in the UK in the next few months.


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