By Numbers – the new iPad (iPad 3)

Here's every digit you need to tell the tale of the just-hatched iPad 3. Mmmm... maths

The iPad 3 has landed. Let's looks at the numbers that got it here and exaclty what it has to show.

55 million – the number of iPads sold to date.

100 million – the number of iPads expected to have been sold by the end of 2012.

2048x1036 – the resolution of the iPad 3's screen.

264 – the number of pixels per inch in the Retina Display.

9.4 – the iPad 3’s depth in mm.

25 billion – the number of App Store downloads to date.

200,000 – the number of apps optimized for iPad.

585,000 – the total number of apps in the App Store.

315 million – the number of iOS devices in existence.

200,000 – the number of books in the iBookstore.

531.87 – Apple’s share price before the iPad 3 launch.

1 in 2000 – the number of online searches last week that were iPad 3 related.

362 - the number of Apple retail stores.

1 million – the amount more pixels in the iPad 3, compared with the iPad 2's 1920x1080 screen.

40 – better colour saturation in the new iPad, as a percentage.

73 – the new iPad's 4G LTE speed, in Mbps.

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