New leaked video reportedly shows off Huawei's Nexus prototype

LG's Google Nexus might have a 3D camera, so what does Huawei's version bring to the table?

Rumours circulated for a long time about which company would be entrusted with producing Google's latest Nexus smartphones. At first, all signs pointed to LG. Then the focus changed to Huawei. The conclusion? Both companies will be making two devices.

There have already been reports about the LG Nexus device coming with a 3D camera, so we're curious to see what features Huawei has packed into their own version. This latest YouTube video from trusted tech blogger and leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer seems to show Huawei's Nexus prototype in all its blacked-out glory. Well, we say glory, but it does look like he used a toaster to film it.

The ten-second hands-on video confirms a lot of our long standing suspicions about the phone, as it shows a fingerprint sensor on the back, as well as a USB-C connection on the bottom. The prototype doesn’t give a 100% certain representation of the phone, so we’re hoping that the unibody metal build mentioned in early rumours will replace the plastic back panel.

The lens on the primary camera looks pretty sizeable but it will be impossible to guess how many megapixels it will be packing without some official information. Early rumours suggested a 21-megapixel rear camera, in addition to a Snapdragon 810 or 820 chip. It should come with Android’s new M software, and in this day and age it, we expect to see wireless charging too.

We’ve still got a few months to wait until Google announce any further information about its latest Nexus lineup, so for any of you desperate to see what’s coming, the short, blurry video below will have to do for now.