This is the LG G3, and it's beautiful

The latest leaked renders of LG's upcoming superphone give us the best view yet
This is the LG G3, and it's beautiful

The LG G3 has reached HTC One (M8) levels of pre-launch leaks, and the latest outed renders are the best view of the G3 we've seen to date. And it looks very handsome indeed.

Shared by Phone Arena, the pictures appear to be genuine, matching up with all previous photos and rumours we've seen before. While we can't guarantee their authenticity, we're pretty confident that we're looking at the real deal.

This is the LG G3, and it's beautiful
This is the LG G3, and it's beautiful

The renders show off all three colours, from black and white, to blingy gold, and the finish appears to be brushed metal on a rumoured removable polycarbonate cover.

We're leaning towards the black version ourselves, as it appears to show off the brushed finish better than its brothers, but we'll have to wait and see what they all look like in the flesh before casting our final vote.

This is the LG G3, and it's beautiful
This is the LG G3, and it's beautiful

A closeup of the rear buttons shows off nicely textured volume and power button keys along with the camera and dual two-tone LED flash, which should provide more accurate colour reproduction in shots.

To the left of the camera we have what we believe to be an infrared autofocus sensor, which will be used to accurately calculate the distance of a subject in dark conditions, ultimately improving the focus and providing sharper photos.

The top of the G3 lacks the aerial cutout shown in previous leaks, suggesting that they were of the Korean variant.

Instead, an IR blaster (next to what could be a noise-cancelling microphone ) are the only features on the top of the device.

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The front of the G3 also clearly shows of just how slim the side bezels will be, continuing the G2's superb screen-to-bezel ratio. 

That means that despite its larger 5.5in QHD display, it should still be comparable in size to smaller-screened devices like the HTC One (M8).

The G3 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting smartphones of the year, with killer looks and plenty of power to boot, thanks to rumoured Snapdragon 805 insides. Coupled with a revamped flatter interface, we could have the first phone to topple the HTC One (M8) off the top of Stuff's Top 10 Smartphone list.

We'll be bringing you all the info live from LG's official G3 launch in London on 27 May, so stay tuned.

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