Get prepped for Street Fighter V with this hard-as-nails character quiz

You'll need to know your shoryukens from your spinning piledrivers to get them all

With only a few weeks to go until Street Fighter V arrives, we've been busy hitting the dojo (ok then, the multiplayer beta) to brush up on crush counters, V-triggers and critical arts.

It wrapped up at the weekend, though, and we've been hunting for a Street Fighter fix ever since. Even if you didn't manage to get hold of a beta code, this super tough quiz is (almost) just as good. 

You'll need some serious Street Fighter knowledge to get them all right, though.

Did you manage to get them all?

In case you weren't already excited, the hype machine went into full force earlier this week at an official pre-launch party in London's West End.

There were plenty of stations set up for 1v1 battles, and Mad Catz was on hand with its new range of fight pads and arcade sticks. For arcade purists, it's the only way to play.

Hip-hop theatre company ZooNation was even on deck to bring some of the cast to life.