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Fully Charged: Oculus Rift gets its first feature film, PlayStation 4’s Share Play demoed, and the Pentax K-S1 offers pastel variants

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First Oculus Rift film released


Virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift are primary thought of as platforms for games, but they should provide an intriguing way to experience any visual art form – given the right tweaking, of course. Well, here’s an early test case to try out should you have a Rift development kit.

Banshee Chapter, a solidly well-reviewed horror film from last year starring Katia Winter, has been adapted for the Oculus Rift, letting you experience the shocks and scares like you’re there in the scene. The 3D version of the film was converted for the Rift, letting you look left and right around the image as it plays.

A studio called Jamwix handled the conversion, and it’s not just for Banshee Chapter: apparently, this tech can be used with any 3D film, potentially opening the door for more flicks to hit the platform without too much hassle. Banshee Chapter: Oculus Rift Edition is available free from the Oculus developer portal, but only for Mac users at present.

[Source: Mashable]

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PS4’s Share Play feature walkthrough

Sony’s big 2.0 version firmware update for the PlayStation 4 is due out tomorrow, and one of the biggest additions is Share Play, which lets a game owner invite an online friend in to play – even if the guest doesn’t own the game. And you won’t even need to download the game to join in.

It’s all handled through streaming game technology – like that used for the PlayStation Now service – and if you’re curious about how it’ll work, you can catch a glimpse of it above. You’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to use most of the functionality, but this could be an appealing enough perk to convince anyone not already swayed to join up.

[Source: YouTube]

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Pentax K-S1 Sweets Collection adds a pastel touch

Pentax K-S1 Sweets Collection

If the dozen different launch styles didn’t grab you last month, perhaps the new Sweets Collection series of colours for the Pentax K-S1 will do the trick. You’ll soon be able to snag the company’s latest digital SLR in Strawberry Cake (pictured), Lime Pie, and Blue Cream Soda variants, with the colour coming as a distinctive accent on a white-and-silver body.

[Sources: Pentax, SlashGear]

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SnapDonate lets you snap… to donate


The easier it is to donate funds to charity, the more generous folks are likely to be. That seems to be a driving factor behind SnapDonate, at least, as the new “magic lens” app for Android and iOS lets you snag a photo of a charity’s logo and quickly be able to send money.

It’s powered by JustGiving and you can donate to more than 13,000 UK charities, although the app only recognises a few dozen logos to start. If you don’t have cash on the street to give, or simply have an urge to send some money to people and organizations that need it, SnapDonate can get it there quickly and securely.

[Source: SnapDonate]

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