Epson reveals world’s lightest GPS watch

Yes you read that right, Epson the printer and projector company, is getting active

Lightweight gadgets are great, but never more so than when puffing and panting on a run, where weight is your worst enemy. So Epson’s first step onto the competitive field of GPS gadgets was placed perfectly with the world’s lightest GPS watch.

Epson, previously known only for printers and projectors, has managed to create a 13mm thin, 50g watch that can accurately track your running location for 12 hours before a charge. And should you somehow manage to run for a constant 12 hours it’ll withstand your superfluous sweating as it’s water resistant up to 50m.

So bold is Epson that it claims this watch offers more accurate tracking as well as better battery life than the equivalent Garmin. While Epson is coming out swinging with impressive specs we’ll reserve judgment until we get to review the decidedly plastic looking watch.

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