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My favourite new watch is from a Scottish brand you’ve probably never heard of

The Clemence Munro watch can go anywhere, do anything, and looks like unbelievable value

Clemence Munro Watch on a map

When I’m not updating buying guides on Stuff or stopping my toddler from destroying the house, I’m usually looking at watches on Instagram. Recently while mindlessly scrolling through the app, I came across a picture of the Clemence Munro that made me stop in my tracks. It featured a field watch with a bright yellow dial from a brand I hadn’t heard of before (which is rare for me).

The post was from Clemence Watches, a Scottish watch brand that currently has 4000 followers on Instagram. I clicked through to the brand’s page and was instantly taken by its designs and story.

What exactly drew me to the brand? For a start, Clemence is based in Edinburgh and is a member of the British Watch & Clock Makers Alliance, with all of its watches designed and assembled in Britain.

I love to champion watch brands from the UK such as Fears, AnOrdain, and Christopher Ward, because I think they’re doing genuinely interesting things (and I’m a little patriotic).

More specifically, the watch has ties to the Scottish Highlands, having been tested there and taking its name from a class of mountains that measure over 3000 feet.

This Scottish connection is another reason I’m so fond of the watch, as I have a lot of happy memories in the Highlands from various holidays over the years.

The aspect that really appeals to me, and what first caught my eye, is the design. I love the clean, timeless design. It’s reminiscent of a Rolex Explorer, but doesn’t in any way look like a copy or homage.

‘there’s no fauxtina in sight

It looks a little vintage, with its box sapphire crystal and crosshair dial, but there’s no fauxtina in sight.

The lume, Grade A BGW9, is a crisp white in the daylight and cool blue in the dark, ensuring visibility whatever the lighting.

The Clemence Munro itself is the perfect size on paper – measuring 37.5mm in diameter and with a height of just 10mm (0.75mm for the box sapphire crystal and 9.25mm for the case). It’s designed to be comfortable and provide uninhibited movement whether you’re climbing a mountain or spending a day in the office.

Inside is a high-beat automatic movement, Mitoya’s 9039. It has an accuracy of -10 to +30 seconds a day, and a 42-hour power reserve.

Honestly, it would have been nicer to see a more accurate movement inside, but at this price point (which we’ll get onto later), I can’t really complain. The case is water resistant to 150m, adding to its go anywhere, do anything credentials.

The chunky screw-down crown offers a reassuring presence and is designed to be used with gloved hands or freezing fingertips (very common in the highlands), and the watch comes on a 20mm steel bracelet that tapers down to 16mm. It looks like an excellent bracelet, with micro-adjustable clasp and beautifully bevelled edges.

The main issue I have is how difficult it is to choose between dial colours. It comes in Pitch Black, full lume ‘Spindrift’, ‘Highland Amber’ yellow, and ‘Ridgeline’ which uses three colours to echo the meeting of two mountain slopes.

All dials feature a Munro logo at 6 o’clock. It’s a subtle nod to the Broad Arrow on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ watches, but has been redesigned to resemble a mini mountain range.

The Munro can be pre-ordered today with a £449 on a rubber strap and £517 on a steel bracelet. That seems like amazing value for money in my opinion.

That price is valid for the first 48 hours, after which time it raises to £499 / £575 respectively. The first 300 orders should arrive in March 2024, with the second batch estimated for May 2024.

What do you think about the Clemence Munro? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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