Canon's G7 X MkII premium compact is crazy quick

High-spec handheld gets tweaks and super fast image processor

Canon's latest premium compact camera packs a serious punch - it's got an image processor that's 14x faster than last year's model.

The G7 X mark II is the debut of DIGIC 7, the processor that's almost certainly going to worm its way into all of Canon's top compacts and DSLRs this year. It's got faster tracking and much better subject tracking in low contrast environments.

Continuous shooting will be a rapid 8fps, and you'll be able to fire off 19 RAW shots before the camera will need to buffer. Image quality should be a step above the original G7 X as well, even though it has the same 20.2MP, 1in CMOS sensor.

The G7 X is one of Canon's most popular compact cameras, so changes to the outside have been kept relatively minor. That means the excellent flip-up/flip-down touchscreen display makes a return, along with the pop-up flash and integrated Wi-Fi, all wrapped up in a compact metal body.

The buttons and control dials are all in the same place as well, but the grip is now larger and more comfortable to shoot one-handed. 

The click ring around the lens barrel on the original G7 X was excellent for making zoom, aperture or shutter speed adjustments when taking still pictures, but click noise could get picked up when shooting video. 

For the mk II, Canon has added a switch that can silence the ring for movies, but add the tactile click for better feedback when taking photos. 

It's shaping up to be a potent premium compact, and while we couldn't give it a real test at Canon's launch event last week (the only camera was a non-working dummy model) we'll make sure to try it out properly ahead of its April launch. You'll be able to grab one for £550.

PowerShot SX720HS zoom in too

Canon has given its compact travelzoom range some love too, with the PowerShot SX720HS.

It's an evolution of the SX710HS that ups the optical zoom from 30x to 40x, but is barely any bigger in your hand. That's because it packs more lens glass inside its tiny frame than any other camera like it.

Inside it's mostly the same as the SX710HS, with a 20.3MP CMOS sensor, DIGIC6 image processor and Full HD movie mode at 60fps. You get Wi-Fi and NFC built-in, which means it plays nicely with Canon's Connect app for remote shooting and timelapse pictures.

Oh, and it comes in a couple of spangly colours.

You'll be able to snag one in April for £299.