Belkin spotlights WeMo Light Switch

Belkin adds to their WeMo range with WiFi switches that can control your house lights from another country, highlighting the growing Internet of Things at CES 2013

The bright sparks at Belkin have unveiled a switch that can turn on your hall lights from halfway around the world.

Replacing the cracked plastic dimmer knobs you bought from B&Q, the Belkin WeMo Light Switches connect to your WiFi and can be controlled by a mobile phone or tablet.

Using the free iOS or Android app, you can turn them on or set up schedules at the swipe of a screen. They also connect to the internet, meaning you can annoy your cat while lounging on the beach, or convince potential burglars you are still sitting in the kitchen, turning the lights on and off obsessively.

The switches (available from this summer, price tbc) are the latest addition to Belkin’s WeMo line of network-connected home appliances, which includes remote control plug sockets and baby monitors.

The Internet of Things is expected to be a big trend at CES 2013, the massive gadget show taking place in Las Vegas from January 8th to 11th. The idea is that everything from your fridge to the thermostat will connect via WiFi, letting you know when the house is getting too cold or the milk’s gone off.

For instance, Lockitron is a front-door lock that would make Aladdin jealous. Programmed to swing open when it detects your phone, it can also text when someone knocks at the door. Guests can then be let in remotely (although you might want to check who it is first, lest you return to find Jehovah’s Witnesses roaming around your house).

Meanwhile Parrot, best known for its iPhone-controlled quadricopters, has shown off its Flower Power project: a sensor that lets you know when your plants need watering.

In the brave new world of the Thingternet, your walls won’t just talk, they’ll tweet.

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